Mohawk Modern Family

Two years ago, I had the opportunity to go on a sightseeing tour of the Aztec Ruins.

I’ll never forget our tour guide. Ok that’s a lie…while her name eludes me; I will never forget that warm, inviting demeanor, as she would take us through the Amazon jungle, showing us places that I only ever read about in adventure novels.

She would recount stories of tribal wars, religious sacrifices, and horrific living conditions…but when she said them, they really didn’t sound so bad. Pleasant, dare I say…even enjoyable.

After every point of interest, our congenial tour guide would look at us, smile and say;

“Come along, family.”

Immediately, I thought, ‘What an odd thing to say!’ Here we are, a bus filled with relative strangers, and perhaps the only thing we have in common were the precarious stomach rumblings from not having a cruise ship buffet in more than three hours.

Speaking of hunger, the thought occurred to me that maybe she called us “family” to distract from the obvious–this tour was very dangerous and any of us could be tribal bait at any moment. I digress.

Months after that tour, I realized how much of an impact that one descriptor would have.

Lidia Siino and other Mohawk Employees

Lidia at an Alumni @ Work BBQ, at the Fennell campus.

Family is a powerful entity.

At it’s finest, family can be a strong, supportive, unwavering group of people who bring out the best of each other.

Taking this definition into context, we, as Mohawk College Alumni, are a modern family.

Whenever you meet a Mohawk graduate, you instantly get that feeling of recognition, that this person is just as proud and accomplished as you are.

Maybe you married your college sweetheart, or have returned to take Continuing Education courses. Someway, somehow, Mohawk has made an impact in your life.

As a modern family, sometimes it could be months, even years until we see each other again.

However your personal and professional pathways develop, know that you have like-minded friends and supporters from Mohawk College. Just like a family.

It’s been two years since I took that trip to the Aztec ruins. Looking back on that tour, many positive memories have come from it.

We were a united group, with common interests and supported each other every challenging step of the way. To this day, I still keep in touch with many of the tour group.

They were my family and I didn’t even know it.

LidiaSiino– Lidia Siino
Journalism and Communications Media ’02

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