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On Wednesday last week, I took part in “Success In The City.” SITC is a marvelous event put on by the Hamilton Small Business Enterprise for the cities top women entrepreneurs and professionals in light of International Women’s Day (Friday, March 8th, 2013). Since I had attended last year, I had an idea of what to expect of the day. Inspirational and successful women in business, sharing their stories with the audience and giving advice. As I looked around the room and gathered my thoughts (while indulging in some kind of wonderful treat from Cake & Loaf Bakery) I realized something. Yes, these stories are inspirational and those women on the panel, along with the celebrity guest speaker on stage are all uber successful, and yes, they earned every right to be up there sharing their great stories – but what about the rest of them? What about the women in our everyday lives who aren’t on TV, run million dollar companies, who have not written about wizards, or who aren’t married to the President?

It dawned on me that my life is abundant with smart, savvy, fun and wonderful women. But I can’t sit here and say that all women or even one specific woman in my life has a media worthy story. However, what I can share with you how these relationships have shaped me into the person who I am today and how we should all take a moment, once in a while, to celebrate the small successes of “the rest of us.”

Taking a trip down memory lane and only going as far as a few years back – I think of my educator, mentor and now friend, Christine DiCarlo (program coordinator of the Financial Services program at Mohawk). How has Christine shaped who I am today? In many more ways than is highlighted within her job description, that’s for sure. In a nutshell, Christine’s selflessness and passion is what I now aim for everyday when meeting people in all walks of life. Putting the needs of others first and being passionate about everything I do can directly be attributed to having Christine in my life.

I think of my closest girlfriends and the “laugh until you cry” moments that we share.
I think of the first client of mine to buy a house without a significant other – a women.
I think of my sisters – an expecting mother who could not be more excited about having her first baby and a nursing student who just aced her midterms.
& I think of my mother-in-law who is full of life, love and wisdom.

International Women’s Day brings world awareness and celebration to Women around the world, but I am choosing to focus on the women who bring energy and positively into my life directly, everyday. Let’s hug, celebrate and cheer on the rest of us, all year long.

BreannaEhman– Breanna Ehman
Business – Financial Services, 2010
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