Why your Résumé STILL sucks!

Why your resume Still sucks!I don’t know you, but the odds are I still do not like your résumé.

Go ahead, snort, guffaw (thanks…you’ve made me use a term that makes me sound eight hundred years old) and shake it off.

Once you’re ready for some improvement, come back to this post.  I’ll be waiting with my insights.

Casual pause…


Back by popular demand, in no particular order, more insights into why I probably dislike your résumé.

You cannot spell.

Fenel, Fennel, Fenell…not the veggie, the campus.  Why is this location on the résumé, anyway? Get rid of it.

Keane annettion to detial.  (Taken from an actual job search document)

Liason. (I don’t care what you’ve done; this term is spelled incorrectly and sounds kinky no matter what you did!)

Collage. (There’s nothing quite like devaluing the importance of a College education than adding this after your alma mater)

These typos are just the tip of the iceberg when it comes to your résumé.  Only include information on the résumé that you can qualify and quantify in an interview.

You are “responsible for…”

Guess what? We get it! We understand that items placed within your résumé were hopefully things you were responsible for.

Or at least took credit for doing.

Either way, lead with an action word. Better yet, add a skill. You really need to articulate the skills demonstrated with the tasks you’ve completed to connect the dots.

Your résumé reads like a grocery list, and it looks like one too.

If your résumé reminds me of food items I need to pick up at the grocery store, then you probably won’t be getting called for an interview.  What do I mean? Excessive uses of white space on the document, random responsibilities and zero context.

What you have on the résumé:

  • Faxed
  • Filed
  • Answered phones
  • Helped out
  • Typed

What I see on the résumé:

  • Lazy
  • Responsible for
  • Incapable of cohesive thought
  • Do not call
  • Eggs, milk, bread, butter…

Group similar tasks. Give your information context.

“Pretty” People Get Jobs, “Pretty” Résumés Get Interviews.

Do you know someone that gets whatever they want in life? Everything is seemingly easy for them? Are you that person? If so, chances are you must be pretty.

Or perhaps you’ve worked pretty hard.

It’s no secret that attractive people get job offers. What then constitutes as attractive? While subjective, being “pretty” in the job search sense means having confidence, being thoughtful and projecting your best possible self within your job search documents.

After careful review of your résumé,  if you can say it reflects your knowledge, skills and competencies,  that it relates to the job and makes you happy…

Then I suck as an employer for interviewing you.


– Lidia Siino
Journalism and Communications Media ’02

Lidia Siino is the Professional Development & Communications Strategist for MCACES, the Mohawk College Association of Continuing Education Students. She is also the Program Manager and a Continuing Education Instructor for the Career Consultant Certificate Program at Mohawk College.http://www.linkedin.com/in/lidiasiino

4 thoughts on “Why your Résumé STILL sucks!

  1. Perfect..

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