A City to Be Proud Of

hamilton, ontario

I’ve heard it so many times in the halls of Mohawk, online, and through friends that Hamilton is ‘dirty’ that we are the ‘armpit’ of Ontario. Being Hamilton born and raised I have always disliked the skewed vision people seem to have of this great city. Have you heard about the new Hamilton? We have a lot to be proud of in this town.

I posed the question to my friends on social media of where they would insist all Hamiltonians and visitors to our fine city go see and experience. My Facebook notifications lit up like Victoria Day’s fireworks. Friends, family and acquaintances replied with many suggestions of places in Hamilton they love and enjoy and want to share. A few people suggested the art crawl, if you aren’t familiar with the Art Crawl this event happens the second Friday of each month downtown on James Street North. James street lights up each month with people from all over the place, people line the streets with their art work, music, and handmade goods, many of the eclectic and unique shops stay open late, food trucks line the streets, and the galleries all display some of the amazing talent Hamilton has in the arts community.

Just off James street on King William is a line of fantastic eateries, Homegrown Hamilton, my suggestion to people looking for a great café and amazing coffee! It is the place to go morning, noon and night, often hosting a range of different events, from open jams to local musicians and the walls are full of local artists, they are also the only location in Hamilton that has ‘suspended coffee’, an amazing way for people to give a little kindness in the form of a coffee.

Spencer Gorge, Hamilton – Source: tourismhamilton

Another shout out to Hamilton awesomeness was made for Hamilton’s Waterfalls, we are the waterfall capital of the world, I feel this is such a unique gem for Hamilton, in a city in which we are known for our industry in steel, smoke stacks and all, we forget sometimes that there are some beautiful places in Hamilton to escape some of that skyline we are used to seeing, waterfalls.hamilton.ca has done an amazing job of cataloging our waterfalls, they include the top 16 waterfalls in Hamilton, and list waterfalls accessible for those of us who don’t drive, it’s quite amazing to see that many of these places are accessible by bus. Walking guides are easily downloadable, and they even offer photography tips.
Foodies in Hamilton should check out the Food Truck Alley on Aberdeen Avenue at Longwood Road South every Thursday. If you love food I highly recommend this experience, you will never eat another grilled cheese the same after trying Hamilton’s Gorilla Cheese.

And let’s not forget our awesome festivals, like the 17th Annual National Aboriginal Day Festival happening in Gage park June 21st-23rd. Gage park being another Hamilton gem gives people a chance not only to engage in a festive cultural event, but explore the beautiful landscape tucked in the east end.

Suffice to say there are so many great things going on in Hamilton and I can’t list them all, but what I have listed is a good start if you are looking to see what Hamilton is really about.

LauraHerbert– Laura Herbert
Social Service Worker ‘12
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