There’s a Buzz Going On In This City

hamilton globeSo I had this wonderful idea in my head about my next blog; how awesome Hamilton truly is! And then one week before mine was to come out on ABC, Laura Herbert, a fellow blogger, posted her May 3rd edition titled “A City to Be Proud of”. For a split second I was a little bummed out that I wouldn’t be able to put in words and share with others how my heart belongs to Hamilton, and then I snapped back into reality and focused on how wonderful it is to know other’s feel the same! So here I am, fully understanding that my blog is not unique and that for two weeks in a row, Alumni will be reading about Hamilton, and I wouldn’t change the topic if I had to!

There’s a buzz going on in this City. What has created this buzz and how can we as Residents, make it louder? Id’ recommend getting out there and getting involved! Hamilton has an array of opportunities out there that no matter what your strengths, challenges and interests are, you can make a difference in this City with the help of others.

Don’t know where to start? Where is a better place to start than the neighborhood in which you live, work, and perhaps are raising a family in? You’d be surprised to learn what is out there and how your neighbors and local businesses wholeheartedly want to enhance the quality of the neighborhood and city. For instance, I’m new to a community and can’t believe how many neighborhood initiatives currently exist and how many new ones are being created. I recently joined the South Sherman Hub Community Planning Team and couldn’t be more excited about the turning up the volume in this City! Who would have known that cleaning up garbage on the neighborhood streets on a cold Saturday morning could be any fun?

St. Clair neighbourhood in Hamilton, Ontario. source:

Do your research, learn what groups exist in your neighborhood and join them! Introduce yourself to new and old neighbors, engage in conversations with them and create that sense of caring and community! With the warm weather amongst us, get outside – hear the waterfalls, walk the trails, climb the stairs, taste the foods and experience the history (May I suggest taking a stroll through the St. Clair neighborhood in Central South Hamilton? This is a neighborhood in which most Hamiltonians aren’t even aware exists, but are always pleasantly surprised when they see the homes, trees and history of this neighborhood for the first time!)

People are moving here from places like Toronto for all of the above reasons, it’s about time for us Hamiltonians to hold our heads up high and start bragging!

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Business – Financial Services, 2010
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