My First National Award

My adventure began in Vancouver Friday evening at Pacific Central where I went to catch my bus.


After a 13 hour bus ride next to a crying baby I arrived in Banff just after 8 am.

20130525-101708.jpgThe first mission of the day was to find breakfast. I walked around and check out a bunch if places before finally choosing a cute little cafe that had Banana Nut Crepes on the menu.

20130525-102202.jpgThe forecast read rain. However Banff was partially cloudy for the day so I spent the day exploring the city with my camera. Walking around and taking photos of places is my favourite past time hobby/job.



After many hours of walking around, getting lost and photographing the city I finally made it to my intended destination. The BEAC Award Ceremony at The Delta Royal Canadian Lodge.


I’ve received awards in the past, and I tried not to let this one phase me. However this was the first award ceremony at which I was asked to give a short speech after receiving the award. I wasn’t nervous until my feature began to air. The whole feature wasn’t shown they condensed it to the part of my dad and I talking about each other. As that began to air the emotion hit me hard. My tears began to build up and I was more nervous then I expected to me. When I got up to the podium to address the audience I was trying to hold my emotion and sound as professional as I could. I made the audience laugh which was important to me and before leaving the podium I ended my speech my thanking my father. I will have to wait till the podcast before finding out how silly I actually sounded. I watch people accept awards and it looks so easy, I had no idea that the process could be so emotional.


Once I had my award and said my speech I felt like a load was lifted off my shoulders and I could enjoy the ceremony. There were a few memorable moments in the ceremony including the time ‘dumb and dumber’ finally received their award. The guys pulled the look off to a tee making it an amazing thing to be a part of.



The night was full of surprises. Sitting at my table that night was Gerry Forbes a famous radio dj from all over that settled in Calgary. He was a great person to meet and the recipient of the Broadcaster of the Year award. I couldn’t help but snap some shots of him and was even asked to send them to Sun Media for Calgary’s local paper!

Before leaving Gerry pointed to me and told me he will have his eye out for me because he knows ill make it big.

To end the night off I hopped on an overnight bus back to Vancouver.


Overall it was an amazing experience, and an adventure I won’t forget. Two years ago when I got the initial idea for the production I never imagined it would become a national award winner. I watched an idea transform into a script and then a final product. This is an amazing accomplishment that I was able to complete with help from Mohawk College and for the I’m grateful.


Ida Adamowicz

Ida Adamowicz
– Television Broadcasting, 2013

This blog entry was originally posted on May 26, 2013 on Ida’s blog, Blissful Blog

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