So. Many. Choices.

Jumping all over the place is how I got to where I am today

“Your work is to discover your work and then with all your heart to give yourself to it.” – Buddha

It’s June 2013 and I am currently working in the field of Marketing & Public Relations. No doubt about it, I love the career I chose but it’s not something I’ve always wanted. I was never fantasizing of writing press releases, or creating new promotions for a product when I was 7 years old. In fact, I didn’t fully realize Advertising was something I’d like to get into until the summer before I started Grade 12.

So. Many. Choices.

career choice

That’s where the real anxiety hits, isn’t it? Having to choose especially when the right choice is hardly ever the easy choice. To decide on a path where we aren’t totally sure where we will end up. Like many (I think?), I’ve had my heart set on a certain career and how I wanted my life to play out many different times. Actually, I probably changed my mind the most in this world about what my future would hold. My guidance counselor in high school possibly dreaded all the appointments I made with him because every time I came in I would talk about a different college program to get into. It was slightly irritating because each time my new career choice would be the complete opposite from the last.

College Graduation 2012

College Graduation 2012

Truth is, I was completely nervous when I first applied to post secondary because I didn’t want to register for a program only to realize after I begun classes that it wasn’t for me and I needed to drop out. I never gave myself that option so I felt I had to do a ton of research on the many career choices out there and from there I would also make my decision on if I would attend University or College.

To name a few, here are some of the options I had in mind before focusing on Advertising at Mohawk College.

Doctor: This idea came to me probably around my early teen years. I always liked the idea of helping others but when it came down to it, going to school for seven or so years wasn’t really my cup of tea.

Teacher: Again in my early teens, but soon accepted the fact that I don’t think I’d have the strength or energy to handle a huge class on my own every day.

Event Planner: I always considered this to be a fun job to get involved with. I at first wanted to focus on just Weddings so I took Co-Op in high school, but unfortunately my teacher and I could not find an event planning business in town for my placement. I was so disappointed, yet that’s not the reason why I remember this day so well. After being crushed, I sat with my teacher and we went through the Yellowpages of the phone book (do those still exist now?) to find something relevant to event planning. What we found and what I ended up working in might surprise you….

High School Graduation 2009

High School Graduation 2009

Funeral Director: So the closest thing to planning events in my small town at the time was director/planning funerals and that’s exactly what I did for my Co-Op term. To this day, I still remember the exact look on my father’s face when I told him where he had to drive me every day for the next 4 months. What seemed to be a bizarre idea at first was actually a remarkable experience! I finished up my term and was told to keep my sense of humour as it’s needed if this is a profession I truly want to get in. I ended up deciding to apply for Funeral Services but rejected my offer because as much as I enjoyed helping others through difficult times and finding the good in bad, I really didn’t see myself working in this field for the rest of my life (nor did I like that I didn’t have the option of what school to go to since Funeral Services is only offered in English in one Ontario College)

However, even though it seemed like it then, the career path I followed throughout college and now wasn’t really all that different from the ones I had considered before. I still help people in someway, I teach others and learn from them as well, fundraising events get planned and I’m always trying to find the good in any type of bad.

After extensive research (and taking hundreds of quizzes on Career Cruising) I discovered the Advertising program at Mohawk College and as Buddha said, with all my heart I gave myself to it.

Lu Ann Pannunzio

– Lu Ann Pannunzio
Advertising ‘12
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