Summer: Burning a Hole Through Your Wallet

summerWe all look forward to Summer. The sunny days, long walk on the beach and BBQ’s. Oh, and how can I forget the cottages, weddings, showers of all sorts, road trips, patio season… CHA-CHING! Let’s face it, Summer can burn a hole through our wallets just as fast as the season comes and goes and I feel it’s important for me to share my top Summer Saving Secrets with you all!

Let’s start with an idea that we can carry through all year round. Coffees, lattes, caps & fraps! Trust me when I say that I too enjoy a cup of heaven every morning to start my day and perhaps one or two to follow. However, I made the switch some time ago to brew my own cup from home or wait until I get into the office (we have a Keurig!). So what does this simple switch mean to your wallet? Well it depends on your taste and frequency. One cup a day of your average double double will run you about $30/month. A fancier order, $80.

An idea geared for Summer is to cancel or freeze those gym and fitness memberships. It’s beautiful out there! By bringing your workout outside (walking, running, tennis, roller blading, hiking, swimming, Frisbee, stair climbing… must I go on?), we could each save between $20 – $130/month. This will also result in saving some dollars at the pump since you no longer have to drive everywhere. Another $40 – $100 (conservatively).

Ladies! Ever calculate how much beautifying ourselves costs? Think about it – waxing, tanning sessions, haircuts, manicures, pedicures, etc. Of course some of these items I would suggest leaving to the professionals. I once gave my sister a mushroom cut and quickly realized that hair styling was not for me. However, there are D.I.Y options that lead to some serious cash savings… especially over these months when toes and tans count!  Check it out:

Tweeze the brows yourself:                                           $20 – $40/month savings
Paint your own nails:                                                      $20 – $40
Cancel the Tanning Package… it’s Summer!:              $30 – $80

To all you men out there, what’s the average cost of a bottle or pint of beer? Between $4 – $7, right? Well, not really. On a $40 case of beer (24), each bottle totals $1.66. Assuming you have three drinks/week, the at home option can save you close to $50 a month.

I can continue my list of savings but I am limited to a specific amount of words for this blog and I am cutting it close. The reality is that the above ideas were not top secret, I just wanted it to sound cool and grab your attention. But I did share with you ways to save up to $520/month within the 500 words that I was allotted and I think that’s pretty awesome in itself!

What about going out for lunches, dinner dates and over-spending at grocery stores you may ask? I’ll leave that up for you to calculate…

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Business – Financial Services, 2010
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