Civil Engineering Grad Working in Alberta Public Works

Summer students - Alberta Public Works

Hi All,

After graduating in ‘81 I’m finally reconnecting with the college; thanks to the alumni association.  Oh yes graduated in Civil Engineering Technology.

Summer is almost over here in Alberta.  All 27 summer students  who worked for us are returning back to school.  Have been living in Alberta since graduation.

Watching these student work and listening to them talk makes me feel old.  Can’t believe it’s been over 30 years.  Now I’m on verge of retirement.

You heard about the flooding in Alberta this summer.  I headed up the Public Works Section of the Emergency Operations Centre (EOC) for the province to re-establish public infrastructure and utilities so residents can re-enter their homes in a place call High River (the worse of all flooding)  That’s me in the middle of the photo which shows part of the recovery team under my direction.  Unfortunately it takes a disaster of this magnitude to get the experience working in an actual EOC.

Tony Lew– Tony Lew
Civil Engineering Technology ’81

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