When I Grow Up

hide and seek

Stop multi-tasking. Let me take you down memory lane.

Remember the good old days, those days of unadulterated youth, where in between playing hide and go seek and games of kick baseball (prior to the term “blog” ever existing, let alone becoming a verb) from time to time, you’d have a “When I grow up” conversation with your friends?

Maybe you were friends with Susan, who always wanted to be a nurse. Susan was that girl who would foster the wounded birds found at recess and rescue bullied classmates from their respective lockers. In spite of her borderline excessively helpful personality, you always thought that yes, Susan would become a fantastic nurse.

child playing with doll - October 2013Perhaps you were friends with Betty. Betty was that girl who; even when she still thought of boys as gross; perpetually aspired to become a mother and wife. There was never any doubt that Betty would thrive as a domestic technician. Coincidentally, with a name like Betty, she can probably still cook a mean meatloaf, but I digress.

Maybe you befriended similar types of friends. These people were always certain about their career direction. On the outside, maybe you were always happy for them.

On the inside, maybe their commitment and decisiveness was overwhelming because you were trying to figure out you.

Being you may have meant suffering years of indecision with regards to career direction.

Not knowing who or what you wanted to be when you grew up may have caused anxiety throughout career days and conversations with guidance counsellors. If you were this type of person, you may have settled for a job or educational pathway that you didn’t hate…you just didn’t like it either.

In today’s every changing world of work, more people struggle to find meaningful employment than ever before. While it’s ok to work at an average job in order to survive, it’s not ok to be stagnant because of it.

Does this person sound familiar? Are you looking for a change?

It’s time to do something.  Some of the best job opportunities come from developing a hobby, volunteering or even taking a new class. Find out who you are, what you like to do, then utilize as many resources as possible to turn these strengths and interests into employment.

Regardless of age, even if your ultimate career goal is unclear, we should never stop doing things that cultivate us as individuals. Being happy with your work makes you a better person away from it.

My challenge to you is to change your perception. Instead of thinking; “What do I want to be when I grow up?” I urge you to ask yourself; “What I can do to ensure I keep growing?”

LidiaSiino– Lidia Siino
Journalism and Communications Media ’02

2 thoughts on “When I Grow Up

  1. good advice! I didn’t figure it out until I was in my 40’s…..and just like you said….from volunteering and taking classes !!!

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