Through the eyes of youth comes great insight

pointing to sky

Each of us enter our time in post secondary education wide eyed and ready for a new challenge. It seems as every new phase of life begins, this feeling is repeated. It’s a clean slate, an enthusiastic approach to making new progress and intent to achieve goals. The fall is a great time to evaluate progress; a month into the school year, the final quarter of 2013 at work or perhaps beginning a new career after spring graduation.

Think about tackling whatever new environment is around you with the viewpoint of a child. My kids offer this subtle reminder each day. Boundless enthusiasm and no biased towards anything around us. For my family, our regular Saturday morning errands take us to the Hamilton Farmers Market, a place where the feast is for all senses. Colourful, new and different each time. The walk to the market on this particular day included passing the Nations Fresh grocery store in Jackson Square. My daughter shared that a neighbourhood sitter brought her and her siblings to the store on a recent downtown trek to the library. “They have some amazing food in there,” she shared. “It smells so good.” Granted, full disclosure, our kids opt for Food Network before Treehouse on our television so this shouldn’t come as overly shocking to us! What did tweak me however, was the level of awareness that kids have about simple things. Colours, smells and tastes; they all trigger a fervent approach to something new.

Our kids are constantly exposed to new experiences, places and cultures around Hamilton. It’s embedded in us to provide that for them and to revel in the response we receive. The newest coffee shop, grocery store, book seller or art gallery. Each awaits visitors to explore and each helps springboard the next great neighbourhood idea.

I’m not sure how often Hamilton Mountain dwellers find themselves in the lower city. The same holds true for current students at Mohawk. If you don’t, you should. This type of revival is what everyone needs to take a child-like approach to new challenges in our lives. Take a wide-eyed viewpoint, it will contagiously spread and give us all the feeling that we can and should do more to achieve.

BrentKinnard– Brent Kinnaird – Marketing Manager, McKeil Marine
Business Administration ’94

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