Mohawk by 2020 and Beyond

bookPicture with me, if you will, the future of Mohawk. The college is evolving into a place for the young and the ambitious to launch new enterprises. Mohawk enthusiasts harness knowledge, know-how and skills to produce intelligent and innovative products and services. Every student has a mission and a plan to achieve well defined goals. The Mohawk of tomorrow will function as an enterprise launching pad.

Digital revolution and the internet usher in a wealth of ground breaking opportunities for the bold and daring. The news business, for example, is changing from a corporate operation into a people’s movement. Every news maker could also act as a news reporter, with multi-media support. The new model would liberate news production and distribution from corporate control. CBC, The Spectator, or CTV is not the only one we can turn to for news. Personally, I find clips on YouTube raw and real, with little packaging. I can see Mohawk students develop relevant technologies and applications to facilitate this grass root movement.

The proliferation of electronic and mobile devices keeps watering down face-to-face communication and activities. Too many people bend over their smart phones or pads and tap away. They seek refuge in the virtual world. The emerging digital lifestyle badly needs a balance. I can see Mohawk students develop commercially viable services to bring people together face-to-face. The goal is to provide opportunities for people to interact with one another as socially well adjusted members of a community.

buildingsBig city creates crushing stress. People who live and work in Hong Kong, Shanghai, Beijing or Taipei, for examples, are searching for ways to manage and reduce stress. The idea of “therapy tourism” would open up many business possibilities for people in the Hamilton and Niagara Region. I can see Mohawk students collaborate with various towns and cities to design and operate stress reduction programs for local residents as well as for tourists. For foreign visitors, Niagara Falls should offer far more than sightseeing and shopping. The Canadian way of life is conducive to regulate big city stress and promote community caring.

The cold weather in Canada makes it ideal for carrying out research on insulation material and products. The world market for building material and parts such as window, doors and roofing is huge. Canada is well positioned with a well educated population and abundant natural resources. I can see Mohawk students play a leadership role in exploring and exploiting this export market. The potential is as great as the courage to go where no one has gone before. Let’s keep in mind that pioneers to Canada did just that.

By 2020, Mohawk will become known for the new enterprises it helps launch. Its success will drive an economy that takes advantage of emerging technologies and adapts to changing times.  Mohawk will be a frontier.

Andrew Chan– Andrew Chan
Communications Arts, ’78

Author’s Note: I’d like to invite you to read my daily blog at Sharing our knowledge and experience truthfully helps us live meaningfully and happily.

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