I’m not giving up

Ida Adamowicz

When I first started studying television at Mohawk College I just moved back to my hometown of Brantford after traveling and living out west. While studying at Mohawk and living in Brantford I learned how to get recognized for my photography and video work. Tourism Brantford used my photos for promotional material for the city, I contributed my photography to the city’s newest publication “The Brant Advocate”, and I had a segment on the mayor of Brantford’s show called “Brantford Life” on Rogers cable 20. Before I knew it I had started my own part time business in my hometown doing that what I loved: taking picture and making videos.

Ida Adamowicz - TelevisionAfter finishing at Mohawk College I was ready to take on the world. I had an amazing summer job lined up in Vancouver, and a great job waiting for me in Toronto upon my return in the fall. Everything seemed perfect. I went out to the west coast and had one of the most epic summers I have ever had. I was sad to leave, but returned home excited to start my dream job in Toronto. However when it came time to get the job, it was no longer available. So I found myself back in Brantford and jobless. I just spent the past three years of my life studying television in hopes of getting a job in my field, and I do not give up easily.

Having experienced how quickly I was able to develop a name for myself within my industry in Brantford, I feel like I’m able to do it again though this time in Toronto. I hoped to be moving to Toronto with a secure job lined up thought since that is not the case I do not want to give up. I strongly believe that everything happens for a reason, and if something does not work out it was not meant to be. I’ve had times in my life where I did not get a job that I really wanted and in the end it was a blessing because I was able to get a job that was even better for me. So I will take a chance and go to find my place in Canada’s largest city. Let the adventures begin. 

Ida AdamowiczIda Adamowicz
– Television Broadcasting, 2013

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