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China Wall Jump - Hawaii - Breanna Ehman

I have always been one to go all out for Halloween, but this year was a little different. When October hit, instead of thinking about witches, broomsticks and the classic movie “Hocus Pocus”, my thoughts focused around hula dancers, surf boards and the movie “Blue Crush.” Then it clicked, my Hawaiian vacation was around the corner, or was it?

I’m blogging about this for a couple of reasons and as you continue to read, you may notice that these two reasons seem to be conflicting with each other and think “this Breanna Ehman is not really making sense.” So I will tell you ahead of time what my message truly is; finding YOUR perfect balance in life.

Reason to Blog about this #1: Plan for the Future

AlohaSo here we go. In late 2012 and just about in perfect timing to match the closing date of our first home, my boyfriend (Justin) was invited to be in his best friend’s wedding party in October of the following year. Since the groom, bride and their families lived in Japan and a lot of their friends were here in Canada, we knew right away that it would be a destination wedding. Being Financial Consultants, we both started saving bi-weekly into our tax-free savings account to ensure that we could make it to the destination wedding.

In early 2013, a special piece of mail arrived to our home naming the destination; Honolulu, Hawaii. I immediately found myself with mixed emotions. “Oh my gosh, Hawaii… one of the few places in the world where I have dreamed of going since a child. Surfing, volcanoes, Pearl Harbor… I have GOT to go.” And then “oh my gosh, Hawaii… it’s not all inclusive, this is going to be pricey, we JUST bought this house, maybe you should just go.”

I continued to save money in the event I said “yes,” however, the range of emotions continued literally until 1 week prior to the date Justin’s flight was leaving Pearson Airport. Despite having reached the savings goal for this trip, it was hard for me to justify the total cost for ONE vacation. And then, after focusing solely on the positives, I found my perfect balance.

Reason to Blog about this #2: Live for Today

I booked my flight with six days to spare. I would be CRAZY not to have gone to HAWAII!

You only live once, do it right, the right way. That is MY new, yet trusted, perfect balance.


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Business – Financial Services, 2010
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