Life in Alberta

photo credit: Sharon Mollerus via photopin cc

photo credit: Sharon Mollerus

Winter has definitely arrived in central Alberta.  We had 40 to 50 cm of snow in about a week in mid November and the week after was not any better.  I shoveled snow from my sidewalk and driveway early in the morning and late in the evening…I think I got my fair share of exercise.  For those who have not been to Alberta, when snow arrives it doesn’t go away until spring.  I have worked in northern Alberta  (about 700 km north of where I am at now) for few years and remembered that there was a one week period where day time temp was -48 degrees Celsius…that’s ccccold. When it’s that cold the air is crisp…in a normal conversation outside someone can hear you a block away.  Taking a deep breath of air is tough also.

In other news, my department is in dire need of qualified personnel…specifically, water & wastewater operators, someone who has high certification (equivalent to Alberta’s Level III certifications) in municipal water distribution system and municipal wastewater collection.  So if anybody is considering a change and willing to relocate contact me at

Tony LewAnd I finally may have an opportunity to make a visit to the Fennell campus in August 2014.  I will be attending the American Public Works Congress and Exposition hosted by the Ontario Public Works Association in Toronto.  This will be the first time to the campus since my graduation.  Hopefully the alumni will give me a tour.  But before the Toronto trip I will be in Halifax in May for the 2014 Canadian Society for Civil Engineering Conference.  Never been to Halifax; should be fun.

Hard to believe that the 2014 Winter Olympics is just around the corner.  It doesn’t seem that long ago that the Vancouver Olympics was here.  That’s me holding the Olympic relay torch in 2010. Where did the last four years go?

Tony Lew– Tony Lew
Civil Engineering Technology ’81

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