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photo credit: Dani_vr via photopin cc

photo credit: Dani_vr

Last week, one of my closest friends was a little put down over a situation involving a “promising” career opportunity that ultimately led nowhere. I didn’t like seeing my friend upset and I wanted to help, as I myself was in a very similar position in 2013.

During 2013, I found myself re-creating my cover letters and resume for the first time since graduating Mohawk College in 2010. It was an emotional time for me. I had built up a fantastic client base as a self-employed Financial Consultant and actually liked what I did for a living! But with the self-employed territory came a lifestyle that I eventually realized was not for me. During the first three years of my career, I knew that I was giving a lot more to my career than my personal life, and I thought I was okay with that, until one day it hit me – I wasn’t okay with that! I took a lot of time to reflect on what it was that I needed to do and that is when I embraced taking that next step.

I spent a good amount of time in 2013 researching my options, getting advice from my mentors and even meeting with successful business owners to hear their stories. I felt beyond prepared to welcome a career change with open arms and come November of 2013, I followed my heart and accepted an offer of employment at a well recognized financial institution. It was one of those decisions that just felt so right.

Anyways, back to my friend. After hearing her thoughts on her current situation and understanding what was important to her and why, I KNEW I could help. Why not share my personal experience in full detail, the knowledge that I had in regards to cover letters and resumes, and most importantly, the connections that I have that could help her during her career change.

We set a date to freshen up her cover letter and resume last week and I could already see the spark back in her eyes. I also connected her with a family friend who is in a district management position at a large company here in Hamilton. My friend is now excited to continue on the search and more importantly, feels better prepared and ready for it.

Paying it forward has never felt so great.

BreannaEhman– Breanna Ehman
Business – Financial Services, 2010
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