Life’s mysterious ways of working itself out

Ida Adamowicz

Life has mysterious ways of working itself out

I always had a plan for life, and when things didn’t go according to plan I would feel as though I was a failure. I used to get really hard on my self for things that were out my control. This would bring me down and force me into a rut. It was not until I learned that failure builds character that I was able to bring my work to the next level.

ComputerTo master any craft you must complete 10,000 hours at a particular task; that would be just under 5 years of performing your craft 40 hours a week.  After going to Mohawk I was not yet close to my 10,000 hours and I wanted to learn more. The more I learned the more I got excited about my passion. I then discovered CreativeLive and online classrooms offering free workshop by the worlds best. I got addicted, the more I learned the more excited I got about my craft. Eventually my excitement started to shine, and others started getting excited with me.

This led to the next chapter of my life. I am going in partnership with a local art gallery as their photographer. Does this scare me? Yes of course it does. However I am not about to let fear get the best of me. I recently read a statistic that by the year 2020 about 40 percent of the workforce will be small business owners.  I never expected to stay in my hometown, but here I am starting my own business, going in partnership with a local gallery.

Never say never, you have no idea where life will take you. Investing in yourself can be a very hard thing to do, but unless you try you can never make it anywhere.

Ida AdamowiczIda Adamowicz
– Television Broadcasting, 2013

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