The First Four Steps In The Big World

photo credit: donnierayjones via photopin cc

photo credit: donnierayjones

I first graduated from Mohawk in 2013, then I decided to continue and get my post-graduate diploma in Public Relations as my final “Hurrah!” With hundreds of potential candidates entering the workforce at the same time, it is easy to quickly lose your confidence and get swallowed up by the intimidation of the fierce competition. There is no question that the education I received from Mohawk College plays a huge part of who I am today, and for that I am forever grateful. However, everyone should take these 4 steps into consideration to make sure they are on their A-Game while entering the great big world.

A Perfect Resume & Cover Letter
An outstanding resume is key! It’s a good idea to tailor your resume to your chosen industry, choose a format that will stand out and is easy to read. Employers do not like to see a resume that is too busy or that they have to really search to find the highlights. Do not use a template. This is your time to show your employer what you’re made of, do something creative and original, something that will allow you to stand out from the crowd. Lastly, make sure your resume is error free, this sounds like an obvious point but it is very easy to skip over mistakes in work that you have written yourself, check your work twice and then get a friend to check it, this one document sets the stage for the perception your employer has about you, perfect it!

A portfolio is always a good thing to have both online and printed. The portfolio tells your potential future employer, “ Hey, I can actually do the things that are on my resume!” You should bring your portfolio with you and during you interview use it to explain your resume, this will show everyone that you don’t only talk the talk but you can walk the walk as well. Employers don’t always have time to look at your hard copy so give them a link that they can see your work online.

photo credit: plnaugle via photopin cc

photo credit: plnaugle

Set Your Goals
The age-old question everyone was always prepared for in interviews was “what’s was your worst quality and how did you overcome it in a business situation.” Which of course you would say something like “ I am too much of a perfectionist, so I pay more attention to detail than needed.” Well, I guess employers got tired of these types of answers so the question I’ve been getting lately is where do you see yourself in five years? This is an awesome question, you can quickly tell how ambitious a person is and what direction there going in by the answer, or lack there of, so be ready for it!

Organizing the Hunt
Now your ready to hunt down the job, you have registered with all the job banks (like everyone else) and suddenly you realize there are not as many jobs as you thought. Don’t limit yourself to just job banks, going back to your goals where is it that you have always wanted to work? Apply there! Major companies are always looking for new talent, and will always take a resume, so even if there is no position available at the time, apply and one just might open up.

AmberRichardson_sm– Amber Richardson
Business – Marketing, ’13
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