Looking Back, My Years At Mohawk

Mohawk College

The day I got accepted into my program at Mohawk was the greatest day of my life. I started my program, Office Administration – Executive in September 2011 and graduated in June of 2013. To say the least, they were the most challenging two years of my life, but at the same time I am so glad I got to meet the people I met.

These people helped academically a lot. I learned a lot about how people interact the way they do and why people do the things they do. It was truly amazing, I never thought about those things before and never really understood it. I made lots of good connections while I was in college. Those that will last a lifetime.

The courses that were involved in my program of choice were really interesting and I got to expand on my computer skills a lot more which has always been something I wanted to do. I am very passionate about public service that’s why I chose this program. I was also able to volunteer my time there with Mohawk College’s Volunteer program. It made a huge impact on my resume and on my communication skills.

comfortinghandsWorking with people has always been something I liked, but I never thought about how amazing it would be. I also learned about event management and how to run an event. I would say this was the most exciting thing I learned during the duration of my program. It has made me even more excited to work with the public. Learning is a lifelong process, that is something that I will never forget also.

Another thing that has fascinated me is the ability the staff have to help you with anything you wish. My professors that I got to have are also ones that I keep in touch with because of the great things about office administration they have taught me. What I will not forget about my time at Mohawk is the kind words my colleagues always gave me. People at Mohawk are so helpful and caring it blew my mind. I am so glad I got to have the professors that I had. They were so helpful in times when I needed help.

All in all, I recommend this program and of course this school to anybody interested because of the atmosphere and the people that roam the halls there. The professors are one of a kind. The students are absolutely the best I have ever seen. The major lesson I learned I think is that college isn’t for everybody but education is. And no matter the stress you will get through it and do well.

WalaaAbdulaziz– Walaa Abdulaziz
Office Administration – Executive, ’13
Follow Walaa @walaaabdulazi

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