A Request To Employers

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This blog is dedicated to all of you graduates with the entrepreneurial spirit and who operate their own business. Now you find yourself as an employer on the other side of recruitment. As someone who works regularly with local employers in assisting them with their hiring needs, my colleagues and I have several suggestions for you. Please, please, please, consider your succession planning, hiring practices, and training.

Setting up a business these days includes business planning, long days and hard work. Who knows your business better than you—after all it requires that you wear multiple hats. An expanding business means you need to hire. You owe it to yourself and your business to understand where that new hire fits in and exactly what the job duties entail. Do you know what background and experience you need for the position? Do you have a proper job description?

It always surprises me when employers approach our service under the gun to get an order processed, asking for a new hire by tomorrow. My first question; do you have a job description? In many cases the answer is no. Clearly thought out job descriptions and performance management goals are ways to monitor employee productivity. You owe it to yourself and your growing business to make an educated hiring decision.

Research statistics on the costs associated with hiring and recruitment vary; however, my research indicates that costs average 15% of the salary for an unskilled trades worker and between 20-30% of the salary for a skilled trades worker earning over 40k. This can equate to between 6-9 month’s salary! Can you really afford this set-back in a growing business?

Succession planning requires you to be proactive even in the absence of a position vacancy. It can be wise to meet with perspective applicants to pick their brains and see what value they might bring to your business. This really is an ongoing process.

Because hiring trends these days lean toward utilizing electronic posting boards, the process can be depersonalized and often hides the identities of employer and candidate alike. It takes away the responsibility of the employer from acknowledging receipt of applications and can be a very frustrating experience for individuals submitting applications to jobs which go into an electronic void.

You success is contingent upon succession planning, hiring practices, and training. A successful hire requires getting the buy-in from the individual. Their willingness to invest in the continued growth of your business is worth taking the time to plan ahead. A solid job description, and good training plan ensures that your performance management goals are met. It’s all about the fit.

Kym McCreary-Stewart– Kym McCreary-Stewart
Career Consultant Certificate ’09/Writing for Publication ’08
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