Keeping Busy In Retirement

summer sun

Well I think summer is here! I see dandelions are popping up everywhere so summer must be here.  It has been a long winter in the west.

I have met several people from around the world and they envy our education system.  I follow the business sections quite a bit and see there is a strong emphasis on obtaining a post-secondary education and not necessarily university education.  I believe college institutions such as Mohawk will fill the needs of the various employers around the world. Using skills I’ve carried with me since graduation, I recently conducted a workshop on Materials Dynamic for several people from various municipalities. Since March I have conducted two presentations; one at the Alberta Water Waste Operators’ Association and one on behalf of Associated Engineering on Municipal Utilities Emergency Preparedness.

Next I’m off to Halifax for a week to attend the Canadian Society for Civil Engineering.  I am a Fellow of the Society.  Some say that just means I’m old.

I have also been asked me to submit an article to be in the Business World Magazine identifying some of the GREEN INITIATIVES I have taken on behalf of our municipality, a municipality considered to be a “Rapidly Growing Community.”

I hope to make a visit to the college campus in August as I will be in Toronto – it has been over thirty years.

Tony Lew– Tony Lew
Civil Engineering Technology ’81

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