The Elusive Viral Video


In today’s world the internet is a gigantic platform for newcomers to get themselves noticed. The challenge however, is coming up with new and exciting ways to sell yourself, keeping up with trends, and dealing with failure. Now I’m definitely no Media and Marketing specialist, I’m just entering my third year in Mohawk’s Television program, but I definitely can say that taking a chance at making a possible viral video has always been a dream of mine, or at least a video that has 1 million views. That, along with working at Much Music.

With viral videos, it’s pretty much the lottery, with millions of videos being uploaded every day to YouTube and a large chunk of them being someone’s cat, it’s hard to find the video that will be the next hit. But don’t get me wrong, cats are awesome. Then, you have the fact that young people, like myself, have short attention spans these days and need to be pulled-in within the first ten seconds or you risk losing their interest – which is probably why the VINE app has become so popular. It’s really difficult to make a viral video and it certainly is a trial and error experiment.

Gangnam-StyleHow do you determine a viral video from one that has a lot of views? It’s easy! For example, look at Gangnam Style, which just recently hit the two billion views mark. When thousands of people from all around the world start reporting its success or making remakes or parodies you can definitely say it’s gone viral.

But let’s take a look at recent viral video hits, they all have a big thing in common. Also, if you look at the top viewed videos on YouTube you’ll also see a trend, they’re all music videos. From Miley Cyrus to PSY, music videos have lead the world in the viral video category, with only a few random commercials or other videos breaking into pop culture.

It’s not just today though that music videos have led the charge in being popular, let’s go back to Michael Jackson’s Thriller. The first of its kind. It began with a short film then transitioned into a music video, with a large amount of cash spent on the production of it. Many believed it would flop but it became a monumental historic success.

Music videos to me are the greatest thing ever. They are the best way to get views and a good way to show your creativity whilst also doing the same for the artist. Weird and unusual music videos are what tend to attract the attention. It’s not just that way now,  even though times have changed and there are less restrictions. Each music video that got attention did something different. They went above and beyond. They broke a rule or two or involved an unusual dance or was just overall catchy. From Madonna to Peter Gabriel, each music video has a reason why it got the success it did and it’s because it was different.

Storm Harding– Storm Harding
3rd Year Television Broadcasting


Welcome to Storm as a guest blogger on the ABC:Alumni Blog Connection. Storm is working in the Alumni Office for the summer, producing videos and other content to be used on the Alumni website and social media.


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