3 Reasons to Eat Local


I recently graduated from the PR program at Mohawk. Since then I have really started to think about how I am going to accomplish my goals for success, in all aspects of my life. Through my self-exploration (and much research), I’ve realized how important the connection between a healthy body and a healthy mind is. Eating local is my newest lifestyle change and I am so fortunate to live in a location that is booming with local farmers. Hamilton is the most productive agricultural locations in Ontario, so here are the top three reasons I eat local:

  1. Healthier For The Body

The obvious plus is how much of a difference the food tastes! Local farmers wait until the food is ripened before they pick it so you know that you’re going to experience true taste every time. Food manufactures often pick food before it is ripe and then manufacture it to look like it has ripened. Another positive is that fresh produce loses essential vitamins and minerals from the time it is picked, to the time you eat it, when you buy imported food it may take days or weeks for the product to reach its desired location. Just think about all the nutrition you’re loosing during that travel.

  1. Local Economy

pepperEveryone is always talking about how buying local helps our “economy” but how??? Well, money needs to continuously circulate to increase the worth of the dollar; this is often referred to as the velocity of money. Lets say that you get $5 from the bank, and you buy a salad from McDonalds, McDonalds will take their cash at the end of the night and bring it back to the bank, it only changed hands with one establishment. Now, if you were to give that $5 to a local farmer, it may go through 5 different people in the community before it gets back to the bank. The dollar has been in a larger number of hands… so it then becomes more valuable in the economy. Also, more products and services being bought locally means that the retailers need to staff more people, which decrease our unemployment rate. A minimal unemployment rate tremendously increases the quality of life for citizens of a certain location.

  1. Your Environment

In regards to the environment, buying local is a huge advantage for any city. Firstly, to import anything takes a transportation method, regardless of how you transport via truck, train or plane, they all cause ongoing pollution. Industrial food production involves fossil fuels, when this type of fuel is burned and refined it creates greenhouse gases, and as you probably already know, that is one of the main contributors of our drastic climate change from year to year. Also, the more local farms are relied on, the more we can preserve our agricultural land, and continuously provide healthy options to our children.

So there you have it, theses are my top three reasons for buying local. I’ve really enjoyed adding this change to my families’ lifestyle; I enjoy teaching my family where food comes from, literally. I enjoy speaking with the people that have grown the food I am buying, with their own resources, and I enjoy knowing that every dollar spent stays in my local economy just a little bit longer. Finally, and most importantly, I love the bold, fresh taste of our very own local food products.

AmberRichardson_sm– Amber Richardson
Business – Marketing, ’13
Follow Amber @prbyamberrich

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