5 tips for staying active while working at a desk


Recent studies show that people who spend a majority of their career behind a desk job have higher risks of heart disease and certain cancers. The nine to five grind sitting behind a computer can take a serious wear on your body and your mental state.

There are many ways to avoid some of the downfalls of working at a desk. Here are five tips, ideas and useful Smartphone apps on how you can avoid bad habits and stay simulated with a desk job.

5 tips:

  • Take small breaks to stretch of go for a short walk around your office once an hour

It is advised to get up once an hour from your desk and take a 3 to 5 minute break to stretch or take a short walk around the office. Try to avoid emailing a co-worker about an inner-office matter and instead get up to walk to their desk and talk to them face to face. This will get you up from your desk and into the habit of taking a positive break while maintaining productivity.

  • Stay hydrated

Throughout the day, have a glass or bottle of water at your desk to keep you from going thirsty or over indulging in sugary treats or snacks. There are even apps to remind you to keep drinking a refreshing glass of water. One that I like to use is called “Water Your Body.” It’s available on The Play Store for Android users. The app first asks you about your weight and provides the recommended water intake for your body. It will give you a friendly reminder each hour to drink up and assist you in reaching your daily goal.

  • Go for a walk around the neighbourhood on your lunch break

Instead of staying seated during your lunch, take a stroll around the block. Even just a 15 minute walk will give you an energy reboot and keep you working through the afternoon. Getting up from your desk and outside gets your mind simulated. Plus a change of environment and fresh air will allow for a fresh perspective. Who knows, maybe you’ll even discover a new park or shop in the area!

  • yogaFind an outdoor yoga class or a gym near by

If you have a bit more time on a lunch break, you could always find a fitness class or local gym to fit in a 30 to 45 minute workout. City Hall and Moksha Yoga are offering an outdoor yoga class all summer long for any Downtown Hamilton workers.

  • Take a 7-minute workout break

Lastly, for a quick break in your office, try downloading the 7-minute Workout app available on both Android and Apple. This quick workout app is based on the scientifically proven ‘7-minute routine’ featured in New York Times. The app will take you through 12, 30 second exercises with 10 second breaks in between. From jumping jacks to push-ups, it’s sure to get your body moving and provides a quick break from your desk!

Margaret Lintott– Margaret Lintott
Public Relations, ’11
Follow Margaret @margaretlintott
or visit her website: margaretlintott.ca

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