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I find it ironic that we sometimes forget that one of the main purposes of the Mohawk College Alumni Association is to offer a means for Mohawk graduates to keep in touch with each other. What we really tend to forget is that this idea not only applies to the Alumni Association, but to our careers outside of the College as well.

It’s great to keep in touch with our fellow classmates. However, we must also keep in touch with the important people that we meet during the course of our careers. This leads to the development of a good networking group where we may be able to share ideas and help each other out with career goals.

I experienced this idea first-hand on a few occasions where keeping in touch with old friends and co-workers actually helped to get me jobs when I really needed the help most. For example, an old family friend from over 30 years ago suddenly showed up on a colleague’s e-mail inbox. This ultimately led to me getting hired into this guy’s manufacturing facility as his Quality Assurance Manager!

officeI have also used a couple of special networking websites (not Facebook, although some may feel that this would be of benefit) to connect with old colleagues. In fact, I was able to connect with very high-ranking officials from my old employers that would not have even given me the time of day back when I was working for them, but now they have become very helpful friends!

I would strongly advise all of us to utilize the Alumni Association and any other means to keep in touch with people, whether it is old classmates or old work colleagues. Not only is it fun to connect with these people, but you just never know when they might be of great benefit to you both personally and professionally.

ToddMidgley– Todd Midgley
Electrical Engineering Technician ’91

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