Personable Campaigning

bbq burgers

Who would have thought? Apparently there are municipal elections that DON’T involve Rob Ford!  The local and Toronto media focus a lot on the marathon municipal election campaign in Toronto.  I’ve seen a few tidbits of information about candidates for Hamilton city hall, but nothing too memorable.  I’m active in the provincial and federal political scene but the only time I notice that we have politicians in Hamilton is when my taxes go up, Gore Park gets torn up again or street signs get bigger!

I just got back from vacation and was working from home when I got a knock on the door.  It was some campaign volunteer handing out flyers for a local mayoral candidate.  I took it and figured I’d take a quick look but then the candidate in question, walked around the corner and up to my door.  I checked the picture on the flyer to be sure.  He said he was doing his neighborhood tour and I almost fell over.  Not once in my life has ANY politician trying to win my support ever came to my door.  They’re usually only good at calling for donations!

I talked his ear off for sure, and he had some good assurances of his ideas too.  Now I don’t agree with his entire platform, and he may be too lefty for my liking, but he made a strong impression by making the effort to meet people!  In my opinion, Hamilton has had some ghost mayors recently and too many lifetime councilors are starting to look like furniture.  For all the talk of ‘Hope & Change’ in elections, nothing different really seems to happen, but this guy might be onto something.  Maybe change starts with baby steps and simple things like meeting and listening to people or trying something different.

I was very impressed with his approach and I’d like to see more politicians remember that we’re not just revenue tools!  I’m going to do some more research on the local candidates and if any city hall hopefuls want to drop by, I’ve got the BBQ, you bring the burgers and I’ll let you listen to my “ideas”!

RobKulig– Robert Kulig
Computer Systems Technology ‘98

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