8 reasons you should consider going to university


A question you should always be asking yourself is, “What’s next?”

As a Mohawk College student or alumni, you have (or will have) something university recruiters love: educational and practical experience. Essentially, you will add to the value of their student body and enhance their academic image as an educational institution.

Being a college-transfer student at a university myself, I have no doubt that playing on both sides of the educational field is very beneficial, both in your personal and professional development. Here are eight fantastic reasons why you should consider transferring to university after completing your diploma:

  1. You’ll have an advantage. Between your college education, work experience and any co-op placements you’ve done, you’re already a goal-based, action-oriented, down-to-business thinker and doer.
  2. You’ll already be ahead. More and more universities are offering transfer credits for your college education. This can take up to a year off a degree program, which saves you both time and money! Colleges and universities partner up with each other in the form of articulation agreements to give you maximum recognition for your college studies.
  3. You’ll be comfortable and confident. Unlike the hundreds of first-year, 18-year-old students packed in a lecture hall, you’ve done the whole “first year” thing already. You know about deadlines, academic plagiarism, applying for OSAP, getting involved on campus and student-life balance. You’ve already done it all.
  4. You’ll be incredibly prepared for the job market. I’m not denying that college does an excellent job in preparing students for employment. In fact, I still utilize most of the skills I acquired during my two years at Mohawk for nearly all of my projects at work. However, even a quick Monster or Workopolis search shows that most professional job requirements still prefer some kind of university degree. Whether you’re in business, technology, health or social services, there’s always room to enhance your skills through university.
  5. You’ll make more money. Even though I had a decent-paying job after I graduated from Mohawk, I always felt that having a degree would contribute to my worth in a company. Having more credentials also highlights you as a prospect for promotions, higher salary and authoritative positions. This is very significant if you’re ambitious and are easily bored.
  6. You’ll have an edge. “Going to university gives you that solid grounding in theory and great thinking while college gives you that practical career training.” (The Globe and Mail, 2013) Nowadays, it’s barely enough to have just a college diploma or a university degree. Competition is everywhere, and employers are expecting more and more. It’s advantageous to distinguish yourself from others.
  7. You’ll be exposed to new opportunities. University is a new, (big), and exciting world. I am constantly mesmerized at how many new networking, employment or volunteering connections come my way! Choose from a variety of clubs, organizations, networking parties, international exchange programs, corporate connections and job fairs. Keep in mind that many top dog employers go to universities to recruit.
  8. You’ll better yourself. University forces you to think critically and analytically on a daily basis. This will help you in all areas of your life: you’ll become a better problem-solver, learn to think on your feet, and reflect on the world in your own way. You’ll be topping up your diploma with a world-class education.

The world is your oyster and education is endless. Go for it.

Check out the ONTransfer database, visit Mohawk’s Pathways office, go to their website, or follow them on Twitter @MohawkPathways to see your options.

Sozanny Chea– Sozanny Chea
Executive Office Administration ‘12
Follow @SozannyChea

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