The MOST Important Career Question Answered!

laundromatDeeply motivated by real life situations, I find myself inspired to share what I feel is the most important of all career related questions:

“Should I pay a Professional for Career Related Services?”

Prior to paying for Career Services of any kind, note that there are many fantastic, free resources available within your community or school.

Sometimes, job seekers or those in transition come to a point where they want to hire a professional for the next stages of their career. Or, they just want to pay someone to get whatever needs to be done fast and cheap.

I would like to share my current situation, and how exactly it relates back to yours.

You see, I’m currently writing this blog within the institutionalized sanctuary of a local Laundromat. I could have been nestled up by the electric fireplace at home, laptop and beverage in hand, but no, when my beloved washing machine wasn’t working properly, I did what any self-respecting cheapskate would do—I took the easy way out and called someone I knew.

That someone was my brother in law.  Armed with the best intentions, he came fully motivated with a “Ya, I can fix it!” attitude accompanied by how-to videos on Youtube and, dare I forget, a professional licence as a hairdresser.

Sure, it made sense to me at the time, but I quickly discovered my Band-Aid solution turned into a hemorrhage once my makeshift handy man told me: “You really should call a professional” shrugged his shoulders and helped himself to a sandwich.

If you buy cheap, you get cheap. If you don’t buy, you get nothing.

writing goalsI didn’t pay for a professional and paid a lot more because of it.

Yes, we all have that English major in our lives whose proficiency with Shakespearean English makes them a résumé writer. What about the older sibling whose résumé you use as a template?

These are cheap tricks. They might even work for a while, but eventually, their writing vocabulary and your speaking vocabulary will not match in an interview.

Someone who will charge you $20 posted as a free ad website to create your résumé likely does not have your professional interest at heart.

Questions to ask a Career Professional before hiring them:

When Was Your Last Client? This question ensures the Career Professional is currently working and ideally is informed with current labour market trends.

Do You Have Any References? A Career Professional should have a roster of clients who can speak to their success and subsequent contact information.

How can you help me?  A true Career Professional will be able to develop a customized program to your enhance your employ-ability. An initial consultation should be held to determine for both client and Career Professional fit.

An effective career development relationship takes time.

If you are truly willing to make a financial investment in your career, invest in someone that makes the time to invest in you.

Or your washing machine.

LidiaSiino– Lidia Siino
Journalism and Communications Media ’02

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