Going to School. Parenting at Home.

mom child sunsetParenting in College is not an easy thing to do but I have found a way to make it work; I am in advertising after all, so coming up with creative solutions is my forte! Studying and taking care of my daughter became hard so I relocated to Hamilton to be closer to school while my parents take care of her during the week. Prior to this change, I was finding that the distance and time it took to get to and from school (exceeding 3 hrs at times) along with the madness that Canadian winters bring, I just wanted to sleep when I got home. Eventually I felt that taking a grip on reality and asking for help was much needed.

Having an amazing support system, such as my mum and dad, make it all the better when getting my life on track. So we’ve worked together to get some rituals in place. Every night my daughter and I would have story time (my daughter is 3 so she’s in her imaginative realm 90% of the time I’m talking with her) after she’s all cosy in her bed, my mum would leave for her de-stress time and I’ll start to read my daughter different stories featuring adventure and action until she falls asleep. Keeping a routine in place even though I’m not always present is crucial in keeping my sanity.

Going to school on top of being a parent can become stressful and depressing at times. But I’ve found that when you surround yourself with positive people full of ambition and passion, and those who share the same goals as you, success will meet you with open arms.

Shola and daughterAlways staying positive and looking at the bright sides that life, school, parenting and work have to offer allows me to see past the struggles of living away from my daughter. All I do is for her. Its not until you become a parent do you realize what was once given to you, you’re giving to another human being and how amazing and precious that is.

We as parents, taking on certificates, diplomas and degrees have much more to think about than the regular student in school. However, where we have the upper hand is in applying what we’ve learn to our day-to-day lives, with our families. What better place can you apply those interpersonal and communication skills you’ve learned than with your own family?

The struggle that may come with parenting and school lies within the balance needed to separate the two. I know for me I do not like to bring my work load home; the home is my sanctuary where the stresses of anything non-family related do not need to enter. By balancing school and work during the week when I arrive home on weekends I have pure family time.

Juggling parenthood and school is all worth the struggle because in the end the lives of my family and myself will exceed anything I could’ve imagined.

Shola Martey– Shola Martey
2nd year Advertising and Marketing Communications Management
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Welcome to Shola as a guest blogger on the ABC:Alumni Blog Connection. Shola is working in the Alumni Office this Fall, assisting with social media management and writing for various mediums.

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