Taste The World

saladYou know how some people find their purpose, strengths and talents very early on in their lives? I’m talking about those star athletes, that kid in your class who is smarter than the teacher, your friend who can draw anything and everything?

Well, I wasn’t one of those people.

I often wondered why I never had that one special thing in my life. Yeah, I played sports, received my fair share of A’s in school and in my head I was even a great singer. But I never felt I had that special thing that belonged to me. Until recently.

I’m not sure when or how it hit me, but I now know that food is my special thing. I always thought it was weird when people didn’t get as excited as I did about every meal, when their appetites were half of mine or when they would skip meals.  It turns out that these differences are not “weird,” they are simply not passionate feelings about an irrelevant topic to that specific person.

tacosSo why am I writing about my love for food? Because I found it. I found what was special to me and am happier than ever. I want to travel the world to taste the different flavours of the world. I will learn recipes of different lands and carry them with me forever.

Most importantly, I write this because I want to let everyone know that people find their special thing, their passion, purpose and talents at different times. If you have already found yours, run with it. If you haven’t found it yet, you will.

BreannaEhman– Breanna Ehman
Business – Financial Services, 2010
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