6 Tips for Yurting (and summer camping too)

CampingA few months ago, I went yurting for the second time. What’s yurting you ask? Yurting is known as winter camping or in the summer months, sometimes known as ‘glamping’.

You’re probably reading this and exclaiming, “camping? in the winter? You have got to be nuts!”

We have to embrace these cold Canadian months somehow, people.

I’ve gathered some tips from friends and the trusty internet that I’ve tried out on my yurting adventures. I thought I’d share some here:

  1. Bring a slow cooker. My friends and I like to prepare a meal ahead of time and throw it in the slow cooker for dinner. While we’re out hiking, skating or taking in the winter wonderland, we’ll put the crock pot on. By the time we return from our daily adventures, we’ll have something delicious to dig into.
  2. Invest in a good sleeping bag. When asking for tips on my Twitter account, this tip came to me from a follower. Seems like an obvious suggestion but I assessed my sleeping bag situation last winter and had to upgrade to a warmer, cozier one. While yurting, you want to stay extra warm!
  3. Bring a kettle. It’s a good idea to bring a travel size kettle along for the yurting trip. What better way to warm up after a hike than to boil a hot cup of tea? Another friend suggested filling a tight lid Thermos with hot water to throw into my sleeping bag. This keeps my toes warm at night!
  4. Rent snow shoes. To pass the winter day away, our group rents some snow shoes from the park. This is the perfect way to experience the trails and get some exercise.
  5. Sleep with your toque on.
  6. Entertain yourself in the evening. As the sun goes down, we turn on a lantern and bring out the board games. Yurts generally have tables and chairs inside so we pack the car with a handful of board games – some strategy and some party games. Cards Against Humanity always makes for the perfect night of laughs as we cozy up in our yurt for the evening.

Yurting is a great way to embrace the winter months and make the most of it. Consider this next winter when you’re dreaming of the spring season.

Or if you’ve always wanted to try camping and haven’t, you can rent a Yurt at many parks across Ontario during the summer months as well.

Margaret Lintott– Margaret Lintott
Public Relations, ’11
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One thought on “6 Tips for Yurting (and summer camping too)

  1. when you yurt with the slow cooker do you leave it cooking in the yurt while you are out enjoying the winter fun ? what about animals being attracted to the cooking food ?

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