That moment when Podcasts took over my life…

headphonesDo you listen to music all day at work? If you are like me, most of your day consists of listening to local radio stations, YouTube music mashups or a playlist from your phone. The background music seems to help me focus on the day’s tasks while keeping me entertained. Recently, a co- worker of mine sent me a link prefaced with “you need to listen to this podcast” I opened the link that took me to a website entitled “Serial” this was the moment my daily ritual of music listening changed to an obsession with Podcasts.

Podcasts are audio programs that are often free to download from the internet. You can create lists of your favourite podcasts or generate a playlist from various podcasts centered on a specific topic.

SO…Have you ever wondered, if we are we all Martians? Curious about what happens to crime riddled community when you place a giant Budda in the Park? Or how efficient is Energy Efficiency? If so, listen to the podcasts below to find the answers!

Here are my current top 5 Podcasts to get you through your day:

Criminal LogoCriminal– The world is filled with odd crimes and odd criminals. Creator’s Phoebe Judge, Eric Mennel and Lauren Spohrer explore the world of organized and not-so organized crime by interviewing the criminals or victims of the crime. Did you know North Carolina has a Venus Flytrap trafficking ring? That sometimes winning a court case comes down to the appearance of the witness? Check out Criminal if you love “huh?” moments.

FreakonomicsFreakonomics radio-Hosted by Steven Levit and Stephen Dunber the authors of the widely popular books “Freakonomics- the hidden side of everything,” “ SuperFreakonomics” and “Think like a Freak.” This podcast explores answers to life’s ongoing social and economic questions like: Why are people so reluctant to quit their jobs? Is failure your friend? Or is there a better way to fight terrorism?

Stuff You Should Know
– Ever wondered- How junk food works? What’s the deal with blood types? or How extinction works? This podcasts answers them all! Stuff You Should Know is a spin off from the popular TV show “How Stuff Works” and is co-hosted by Charles (Chuck) Bryant and Josh Clark.


Nerdist_Podcast_logoThe Nerdist – Podcast host Chris Hardwick, (host of “The Talking Dead”– which follows the hit zombie TV series “The Walking Dead”) discusses topics that interest him and his friends, Jonah Ray and Matt Mira. They are usually joined by A, B or C list celebrities – each episode is sure to have your attention.


serial-social-logoSerial – Do yourself a favour, listen to this incredibly addictive podcast. Serial is hosted by Sarah Koenig, a producer for “This American Life”- another great podcast. Over the course of 12 episodes she tells the story of a true event- the murder of a high school girl named Hae and asks the question: Is the person that is behind bars really the killer? The people she interviews and evidence she finds shapes the content of the subsequent episodes until at the end you are left with … well just listen.

Just can’t believe that I missed your favourite podcast?? Share it with me in the comments below or tweet me @KrizRy

Kristy Hurley– Kristy Hurley
Public Relations, ’09
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