3 Summer Yoga Sessions to Try This Summer

meditationI started doing yoga when I was in school almost ten years ago. I still practice today but am a bit of a hobbyist yogi who is looking to bring it to the next level. With so many options for savasana, down dog and crow pose, how could one resist trying out some of Hamilton’s outdoor yoga classes this summer?

Give a high five to the sun during your next sun salutation at one of these summer classes:

  • A Midsummer’s Dream Colour Festival. Dubbed Ontario’s Premier Colour Festival, this annual event is inspired by the Hindu festival ‘Holi’. Taking place in Gage Park on August 15th, 2015, organizers have added a yogafest to the celebrations this year. Throw colour in the air, be happy and do yoga. What more could you want? As a kickoff party to the festival, and an added bonus, the organizers of a Midsummer’s Dream Colour Festival will be hosting ‘Ecstasy Yoga’ – a glow-in-the-dark, black lit yoga class. It takes place the night before the festival at Narula’s Banquet Hall and is all ages. Find out more details and go get your flow on with a Midsummer’s Dream.
  • In Fine Feather Outdoor Yoga. Owner and Instructor of In Fine Feather on Ottawa Street North, Helena Mckinney, will take her yoga lessons to the park this summer. Starting July 5th and running every Sunday until August 30th, join Helena and a team of other instructors as they take you from happy baby pose to warrior 1 in Gage Park. Try out your tree pose as you become one with nature. Plus, these classes are pay what you can! I went a few times last summer and felt completely refreshed and ready to start my week. Find out more about In Fine Feather here.
  • SUP Yoga. If you thought yoga couldn’t get any more challenging, just wait until you try it on the water. Moksha Yoga in Dundas offers stand-up paddle board (SUP) yoga throughout the summer season at Christie Lake Conservation. They offer individual 90 minute classes, a four class pass and even workshops and private parties. Last summer I was curious to try this and absolutely fall in love with it! It gives you the perfect amount of challenge and if you fall in, it can be a refreshing cool-down on a hot day. I’ll definitely be back on the paddle board this year for another session. And hey, you never know, you just might surprise yourself and get into dancer’s pose while out on the water. Find out more about SUP Yoga with Moksha Yoga here.

Summer can be a busy time as we try and savour the season and make it last. We are often on the go, soaking up every moment of sunshine. Take time to slow down this summer with these fun, alternative yoga classes.

See you on the mat!

Margaret Lintott– Margaret Lintott
Public Relations, ’11
Follow Margaret @margaretlintott
or visit her website: margaretlintott.ca

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