3 Kids in 3 Years: Adapting to a Busy Life

baby-724894_1280If you met me 4 years ago, I would introduce myself as Jen and I was an infant teacher at a local day care. Now I am Tabitha, Alexander and Samantha’s mom and I am a homemaker.

My husband and I wanted a big family, but did not think we would have 3 kids in 3 years. While I was pregnant with my son, everyone asked how would I cope with two little ones, I would look at them and explain my career background. I graduated from the ECE program in 2001 at Mohawk College and then worked at two day cares in Hamilton with a range of age groups. Also, I am the oldest out 5 kids.

Ever since my son was born in May of 2014, I knew I had to help out our growing family so I started to research different opportunities that worked well with my family life. A good home business contributes to the family instead of being a burden. So I prefer conference calls instead of home meetings. Home parties are a must, but now there are other medias such as vendor sales and social media outlets too. Good incentives are always a bonus.

baby musicI started as a toy sales consultant, which had a big pay off, the kids were made as toy testers and they got so called free toys. I found doing vendor sales was easy because people could play with the different demo toys. The only issue was finding a babysitter for some of the events because for an 18-month-old being in one place from 8 am to 2 pm while being limited to one room is torture. By March 2015 I was 8 months pregnant with my third child, I took a break from the tots as I had to concentrate on my young family and help them through the transitions of the newest addition.

Now my children are 2.5 years old, 15 months and 4 months old and the costs of day-to-day life with 3 children increases constantly, from diapers and wipes to food products and clothes, money is tight.

I remember being told in high school by a guidance counselor that with our generation we would have up to 3 career changes in our life-time. So I started to re-evaluate my career options and I was drawn to this nail wrap company that I came across at a Canada Day festival.

The best part of the product is that it took minutes to put on, even with my 2.5 year old yelling “Mommy! Mommy!” in the background. Plus my daughter can use them too as they are non-toxic.

Right now, I have been selling these nail wraps for about two weeks and there are some benefits and challenges with the three kids and running a home business. Some benefits are that they are no real changes to day-to-day routines (most of the work is done during nap time or night time) and the company provides consultants with online training too. It is an easy sell because I wear them every day.

Some of the challenges that I have had are additional costs which always come when starting up a business (ie. business cards, extra samples). As well as balancing my time and work schedule. But it is fairly flexible.

Can’t wait to see what the upcoming months will bring with this new business adventure and my three busy kids.

JenniferBain– Jennifer Bain
Early Childhood Education, ’01
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One thought on “3 Kids in 3 Years: Adapting to a Busy Life

  1. Best of luck and good for you continuing to challenge yourself.

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