Move Forward and Embrace New Challenges

cliffCareer momentum and continual learning are two common themes that I hear often. For many, myself included, there is the idea that success in any career is equated with the notion that if you work hard and do your best, the rewards will pay off. The reality is when we compete for success we have a tendency to compare our own skills to that of others. I believe that this is one of the motivating factors for many to integrate continued learning as part of their platform for long term career success.  

Fortunately, following university I worked in a variety of environments. I started in social services, then transitioned into the federal government and eventually grew my level of expertise as a partner at a business consultancy firm.

As part of that sandwich generation, my priorities moved me from Ottawa, back to my hometown of Hamilton. After 20 years, it was a new city to me, lots of great new changes but I was without a job. School presented an opportunity to not only expand upon my existing knowledge to date – but to connect me to a community and a city that I knew was full of future opportunities.

Continual learning has become much more specialized and accessible. Whether you want to learn part-time, online or full-time, the choice is available. I chose to return to school full-time, a one year specialized program that would expand upon my career path and my hope is that it will excel me forward into new areas. It was a big step, a huge commitment but I knew that result would be well worth it.

Enjoying what I learned and the people who were part of that experience gave me a level of satisfaction that proved to me that lifelong learning gives you more than just another accreditation or certificate or degree…it expands who you are, what you know and what value you bring.

Jennifer Ballagh-web– Jennifer Ballagh
Human Resource Management Certificate Student

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