If You’re Reading This, Go Outside

Red Autumn maple leaves close-upAutumn is my favourite season and I could not be happier that it’s finally here! Although, sometimes it feels like the season is always short given the interruption from old man winter, which is why we must make the most of it while we still can. Some of the reasons I favour Autumn from other warmer seasons are because of the gorgeous change in scenery, the cool, crisp weather and the seasonal dishes and drinks (masala chai latte, anyone?) that follow with it. It’s also the season I like to take advantage of the outdoors the most because once that four-letter word that starts with an “S” gets here; I will probably be off hibernating.

Let’s focus on the present though, shall we? Spending time in nature and the outdoors in general is extremely beneficial. All of us need a break or two every now and then. I’m talking about an actual, physical break – one far away from your work site or desk. Going out and exploring in nature is a simple way to step away from reality for a few moments.

Orange pumpkin on rustic wooden backgroundYou can “find yourself”. Getting lost in nature gives us so many opportunities to find ourselves again and again. If you’re ever feeling blocked in any way, spending time in nature will teach you things. Most of the time you aren’t even aware that you are learning, but the lessons always there.

Both your physical and mental health need it. In a more recent study, this year Standford University proved spending time in nature does wonders for mental health. While I could go into the science of it, I think it is pretty self-explanatory. Getting outside allows you to breathe in fresh air, get some light exercise and see/hear new things that are going on around your world.

Feeling stuck? There’s a scenery for that. How much inspiration do you expect to get from the same four walls? Creativity peaks after you are really able to get away from it all and immerse yourself in nature. Inspiration is all around us. All you have to do is go out there and find it.

Today, make it your goal to leave yourself some time to focus on nature. Go for a walk or sit on a bench and take in the things happening around you. Enjoy this moment where you can find a more relaxed, and peaceful self.

If for some reason you absolutely can not get some time to go outside, then Do Nothing For 2 Minutes and thank me later 🙂

Lu Ann Pannunzio– Lu Ann Pannunzio
Advertising ‘12
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