Lessons Learned by Stay-At-Home Working Mom

babyIn my last blog I discussed how I was finding a Direct Sales Job that incorporated my family’s lifestyle (3 children under the age of 3). I am happy to say that I have found that job. Now is the struggle of finding the balance between work and family. There is many aspects of these two concepts that relate to each other.

The first one being TIME MANAGEMENT, this one is a big one in my house, if you want us for dinner at 6pm, I am starting to get the kids ready at 4:30p.m.. Each one gets a diaper change, change of clothes if needed and a drink before we leave the house. Then we have Miss Tabitha who is 2 and a half years old, who decides she does not want to wear these Dora shoes, but those other Dora shoes or that coat is “yucky” so you need to find a non-yucky coat. Meanwhile the 1 year old and 6 month old are in the car, with Daddy, getting cranky. Finally everyone is buckled into their car seats and we are 15 minutes late. Luckily we have people who understand the mind of a toddler.

11947403_1636709636605106_6610035061204096971_nTime Management for a direct sales business works in a similar way. I have set times where I do my work. During breakfast time, while Alexander (1 year old) is napping and after the kids are in bed. It works out most of the time. Sometimes there are ‘Tabby Tantrums’ where she does not go to sleep until 11 at night (these are fun) or the days that Alexander decides a half an hour nap is good enough for him. I always remember LIFE HAPPENS, just take a few deep breaths and go on with my day.

I feel like I am in Girl Guides again when I think of the concept of BEING PREPARED, with 3 small children this is essential to every outing and day to day event. Going out is a big production in itself which I make a list in my head depending on where we are going. First the kids stuff (formula, hot water in thermos, diapers, clothes for each child, wipes, bottles and sippy cups). Now because I am a direct sales consultant and my day to day interactions help with business I make sure to have my sample cards and catalogues plus my contact notebook. All of these things go in my nifty tote bag that is my lifesaver.

12115861_1648579998751403_4537559915874227582_nThe lesson of CONSISTENCY in parenting and a direct sales job is huge, in relation to parenting it reduces temper tantrums, and with a business it shows that you care about what you are doing. My one year old, Alexander is teaching us this lesson, the other day in the store we were picking a book out for Tabitha. We had picked a book for Alexander, but had put it in the cart while Tabitha got to hold her book. Alexander started to cry, I asked what is wrong and he pointed to the book shelf. I realized that he wanted to hold his book  like his big sister.

In relation to Direct Sales, consistency is so important. If you don’t show interest or commitment, how will your followers and customers support your business. The other week I had a Facebook reminder that I had not posted in 5 days, so I posted a simple questions about Halloween to show people that I am still engaged in my business. Following through is a must to any business practice.

20150925_211330The final concept I will be discussing is the REWARD that I get from being a mom of 3 beautiful children and being my own “Boss”. With all the hard work that comes from taking care of my 3 babies, there is the “blessing moments” like when Tabitha says ‘Love you too’ as her last words before she fells asleep at night, or Alexander hugging his sisters and ‘trying’ to take care of Samantha, or Samantha’s giggles as she wakes up in the morning.

In regards, to me being my own boss in direct sales I get my rewards through different avenues. There is the monetary benefits when I reach my monthly goals, but there is also the incentives of trips and other prizes. I have freedom in what hours I work, what I do and how I improve on my skills.

These are my lessons learned when combining home and work.

JenniferBain– Jennifer Bain
Early Childhood Education, ’01
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