Tips to Reduce Party Snacking Indulgence

birthday cake and champagneWhen you’re out at a party, most of us tend to not pay attention and keep track of all the food and calories we are putting into our mouths. However, by letting your guard down for just one night, you allow your body free rein and access to a buffet of calories, fat, and sugar which all add up. I personally can understand the temptations that can appear during a party and wanted to share some tips I use to help maintain a healthy attitude before, during and after a party.

Tip #1 – Always Eat Before Attending a Party

When you eat before a party, you save yourself from over-eating during the party itself. You also eat fewer calories at home since you’re eating a lot healthier than you probably would be at a party full of tempting, sugary-filled treats. In general, you should make sure to eat three full meals every day to help avoid any cravings that may come later in the day caused by hunger. When you starve yourself, you tend to eat whatever is more convenient and not necessarily healthy in order to satisfy your hunger level, which can lead to you eating more calories in the long run.

Tip #2 – Choose Water over Other Drinks

Although water is not necessarily the tastiest drink on the menu, it is definitely the drink with the fewest amount of calories in it. In fact, water actually has zero calories in it. Party drinks on the other hand can have anywhere from 400 to 1500 calories in just one drink. This is equal to three full meals! If you really want to have alcohol at a party though, limit yourself to only one drink at the most. Alcohol has no nutritional benefits and carries only empty calories.

appetizersTip #3 – Check out the Food Options

Before eating, take a few minutes to check out the menu or platters of food being served at the party. When you are at a party, focus on the healthier options and avoiding fried foods and sugary sweets. By taking the time to think over your food choices, you can avoid taking in higher calorie count meals by choosing the healthiest option(s) on the table.

Tip #4 – Weigh Yourself Before and After a Party

While weight can fluctuate on a daily basis by a pound or two, a huge red flag is shown through a higher number of weight gained in a single day. By not limiting your calorie intake at a party, you could easily consume over three thousand calories in just a couple of hours through both your food and drink choices. By weighing yourself, it allows you to see your weight in a visual aspect. It’s like that cold shower in the morning and it just hits you right away that you need to work at this. Weighing yourself daily too allows you to keep track of your weight fluctuations and see what things you may need to cut back on in general.

Healthy living is an important topic to focus on and incorporate into your lifestyle on a daily basis. In this past year, obesity rates climbed to more than 500 million people in the world. By having a healthy attitude and following these tips, you can help work towards a healthier lifestyle and reducing your risk of obesity.

Rebecca Bartley– Rebecca Bartley
Public Relations ‘14
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One thought on “Tips to Reduce Party Snacking Indulgence

  1. Great tips! Also…don’t beat yourself over it. One night isn’t going to kill you. Stay the course. 🙂

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