Staying Motivated During The Winter Months – 4 Things You Need To Know!

Snow in the hair

“Winter is coming”. The past few weeks has made it apparent that old man winter is well on his way! Many of us struggle to stay motivated and resist the temptation to hibernate, here are some practices that can help you stay focused and motivated during the winter months!

  1. Exercise

Getting your body moving in the winter will definitely help get you out of the winter slump. The mix of fresh air and exercise really helps to rejuvenate me, however in extreme cold weather it may be a better idea to get to the gym as an alternative. Whether you prefer to exercise indoor or outdoor, keeping your body moving will keep you motivated, during the hibernation period of the year!

  1. Network

Staying around positive people is another great way to stay motivated. Many of us tend to ‘hibernate’ in the warmth of our homes. Getting out and socializing is one of the best ways to fight the winter blues. There are many different ways to network during the winter months. There are networking groups, community events, volunteer opportunities and more. Interacting with people is a great way to stay connected and energized.

  1. Daily Inspiration

Daily inspiration is vital when self-motivating. There are numerous ways to ensure your getting your daily dose of inspiration. You can subscribe to different motivational accounts on social media; this will allow you to see inspiring quotes and phrases displayed through your feed, throughout the day. Also change your background to a picture that motivates you, or some words of wisdom as a daily reminder to stay positive. The same can be done with pretty much any device that you are able to change the background on.

  1. Set Goals & Celebrate

Keeping to a routine, setting goals and monitoring progress have always helped me stay focused during my winter down time. Being self employed I am always looking for different ways to stay on my ‘A’ game, setting goals works every time. Daily, weekly and monthly goals will help keep you focused and productive during the winter. After all that success don’t forget to reward yourself, celebrating your weekly-achieved goals with friends will make you feel accomplished and give you something to look forward to.

These are a few of the ways I like to stay motivated during the winter months. Hopefully they work for everyone else, and we can all fast-track to the warm weather again!

AmberRichardson_sm– Amber Richardson
Business – Marketing, ’13
Follow Amber @prbyamberrich

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