My 3-Year-Old Food Critic

Family cookingSo in my last posts, I was talking about how I was looking for a Direct Sales job but I never mention what my husband did. In the past year, he has gone to school to be a Chef. He makes great food for us to try but I have to remind him that Tabitha, who is 3, is little and can be picky.

Tabitha food staples are apples, grapes, yogurt, noodles/pasta and salad. For her 3rd birthday dinner we went to Mother’s Pizza to make sure there was food she would eat, Mac n’ cheese with french fries.

Here is an example of how Tabitha can be picky. My husband made a wonderful Christmas dinner with Turkey seasoned with rosemary and thyme, bread stuffing with apples, cranberries, mashed potatoes and gravy with the addition of mandarin orange salad made by Nana and vegetable casserole made by Auntie Shelley. Tabitha refused all this food and ate sugar cookies that Auntie Shelley brought. (When we had Christmas dinner at my mom and dad’s, she loved eating the homemade chicken soup.)

chef TabbyTabitha is starting to help make food. She loves to stir her noodles while they are boiling in the pot or stirring the pancake mix. She pulls the wooden stool up to the counter and says “Mommy, I am a chef, I need to mix.” So I let her mix the noodles or batter while reminding her to be careful around the stove top. The other day, I had told Tabby that we were making brownies when her brother went for his nap. She took the box from the counter and looked at it and told me that we need eggs and water, (she needed help with the oil picture). I was happy because she was developing her literacy skills as well as her math skills when we measured out the ingredients. She was happy to show her daddy the brownies that we had made.

My husband has been learning flavour textures and how to incorporate different cultures into foods and he makes delicious meals like homemade chicken wings, chili and hamburgers that the family eats. Tabby leaves her spot and says’ Yuck I don’t want to eat that.’ I have to remind my husband that she is 3 and not to take it personally, her taste buds are developing. Tabitha is our food critic.

My husband has to remember he has 2 more food critics in the making. Alexander is 20 months and ever since he started to eat baby food, his preference is toward vegetables and fruit, he loves his carrots, strawberries and salad. He does not make too much of a fuss over food he is served. Samantha is 9 months old and she has been starting to eat baby food over the last couple of months. Her ‘go to’ meals right now are sweet potatoes, and vegetable, beef and spaghetti.

Right now, there is two homemade soups, ( Roasted Red Pepper and Tomato soup and Chicken broth), simmering on the stove top, let’s see how this goes over with our food critics. Bon Appetit!

JenniferBain– Jennifer Bain
Early Childhood Education, ’01
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