Making Connections on Social Media

social mediaRegular use of social media has become part of the norm for most people. Social media platforms enable the quick exchange of messages between people all over the globe. Some social media platforms are easier to use and some take a little bit of practice. Many businesses are using social media for marketing and promotions, and to engage their customers.

Market yourself or your business by using popular sites like Facebook, Twitter, and LinkedIn. I have had quite a bit of success making meaningful connections through social media but it requires effort and consistency. Don’t know where to start? Take a look at what others are doing in an industry that is specific to you.

Treat LinkedIn like an online resume and update your profile when you have a new accomplishment to add. Add your work and volunteer experience, awards and achievements, and skills and endorsements. Look for industry contacts to connect with to expand your network. Don’t be afraid to send messages and start dialogue with industry professionals. I have reached out to companies over LinkedIn and got interviews which have led to job offers!

Twitter is a fun social media platform. Twitter uses hashtags to categorize tweets and makes it easy to search for information of interest. Try to use as many hashtags as possible to increase the likelihood of users being able to engage with you. If you would like to build a base of followers of Twitter, be consistent and choose a focus or direction. For example, my Twitter page is related to business development, social media marketing, and leadership, to name a few. Search for topics of interest and when you find articles or tweets you like, retweet them! The more you post and retweet, the more followers you will gain! After using Twitter consistently with a focus, I gained over 1700 followers in only a few short months.

Last but not least, Facebook. Facebook has brought me a lot of success recently. I started a group for Working At Home Moms (WAHMS) in the Niagara Region to build a network of local mompreneurs and to provide an opportunity for business development and promotion. I have close to 200 members and I am hosting a vendor fair for Mother’s Day after only 2 short weeks of starting this group. Don’t be afraid to put yourself out there and connect with like-minded individuals.

I wish you lots of success in your social media endeavours!

Trish MacMillan– Trish MacMillan
Health, Wellness and Fitness, ’11
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