Dreaming Big

girl looking over edge at lake

There are so many things I miss when I think about the tiny northern town I was raised in.

Sunsets that hypnotize you until they’ve completely disappeared, the way the hot summer wind feels against your face despite the blanket of dust that accompanies your dirt road escape, affable greetings whether you’re a perfect stranger or a cherished neighbour, and the way you can close your eyes and allow the loons to sing to your soul.

I can spend days describing all of the things that make my hometown so incredible, whether it be to the families that have spent generations within its limits or even to those that return at the benchmark of a changing season. Instead I’ll share with you how a clear night, a cloudy mind and a sky full of radiating stars spoke to me more powerfully than any other moment in my adult life.

I’ve been a big dreamer for as long as I can remember but for just as long, my dreams would retreat back to a stagnant reality and it became difficult to understand how someone so ambitious could struggle so greatly with achieving results.

It was that Spring, as I looked up at the night sky, that I began to count the stars. For every star, I had a small reason. For every small reason, there was a larger purpose. The skies were endless much like the opportunities that I have developed for myself over time, and all it took was having realistic goals and determining the small steps necessary to achieve them.

Success is simply the accomplishment of an aim or purpose and every individual will determine his or her success differently. Success can be waking up in the morning and being truly proud of whom you are as a person. Success can be downloading a new app on your phone for task management and actually using it. I truly believe that I have experienced success but that success could never have been found if I stayed in my small northern haven.

I’ve accomplished many things and improved who I am based on the labels I gave those stars. I was accepted into 3 fantastic Mohawk College programs which ultimately led to the start of my career in the city I now comfortably call home, I am raising my daughter to be a strong yet humble individual, I have the opportunity to help people in the community grow and in turn grow with the community. I have a fantastic network that is supportive and encouraging, my knowledge and skills advance daily and I have never been more proud of myself and what I have accomplished by simply focusing on the small but powerful achievements.

Having dreams are important, but so is making sure that you take the time to count the stars, give them purpose, then reach for them. Sometimes we have to do things that make us uncomfortable, so if you’re nervous or scared, you’re probably doing it right. Think about the small triumphs and believe that success can truly happen overnight.

Patricia Savoie– Patricia Savoie
Advertising ‘14
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