Going Back To College

Nancy BryansGoing back to college was a big deal for me. At 49, with 3 kids still in elementary school, a puppy-ish dog at home, and a husband who worked shifts, it proved to be an adventure with challenges on multiple levels. The laundry, the dishes, making meals and housecleaning, dropped in the level of priorities, however, I was still able to juggle attending parent focused events at my children’s schools and participate as needed.

In addition to attending full time during regular semesters, I chose to continue on during the summer, plus find an on-campus position to earn some extra money. I began as a team member, then a team leader for the Leave the Pack Behind Program (LTPB). There were many nights I said goodnight to my kids and stayed up until I saw the sun rise, in order to juggle everything. Thankfully, my spouse was supportive, my kids let me do my homework in peace and my dog was on hand for snuggles when I needed them.

During my first year at Mohawk, I studied Advertising. Then proceeded to the marketing and business program which I completed in December 2011. Along the way, I enjoyed my interactions with fellow classmates, collaborating on group projects and participating in the Ontario Colleges Marketing Competition hosted with Sheridan College (2010).

My exposure to social media at the beginning of my studies involved much instant messaging on hotmail with classmates in order to complete projects and socialize online when time permitted. Facebook messaging never crossed my radar at the time, and I used Skype to communicate with out of town classmates on team projects. I recall one classmate, instant messaging me quite often while I completed assignments at the kitchen table.We had lots of laughs online, and this was a great stress reliever. Facebook became a useful tool for sharing photos, upcoming LTPB campaigns and team member photos. Facebook was in its infancy, but has since gone forward with so many program additions that makes it great for spreading the word and connecting others to events. At the time, I used Twitter in small doses, and had no clue what Instagram was during my time at Mohawk. It was launched in 2010 as was Pinterest. Both have no doubt, become very helpful for students who want to post a portfolio of their work visually.

When I graduated from Mohawk College in Hamilton, I was fortunate to begin as a marketing coordinator at Milli, a Women’s Fashion retailer in Hamilton. My skills developed in social media as I used Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest daily, to connect with customers, promote events and heighten this retailer’s social media presence. In early 2015, I made the decision to become self-employed and presently have two businesses.

As a Master Practitioner of energy healing in the Usui Reiki Tradition, I help clients at Blissful Reiki and for those needing assistance with web sites and marketing, from Quantum Catalyst Marketing. Recently, I have tapped into my artistic side and will be part of an Art Exhibition at the Hamilton Art Crawl, April 8, 2016 exhibiting my work at the YouMe Gallery 330 James St. North.

Nancy Bryans– Nancy Bryans
Business – Marketing, ’11

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