For the Love of Country Music

guitar bootsProfessional chatterbox, a girl with the gift for gab, radio dj. I’ve been called a number of things in my time here on earth but that last one is definitely my favourite! Since last I blogged, a serious advancement has been made on the career front for one Kat Cullen. I am currently working as an on air personality and promotions director for KX 94.7fm, the #1 country radio station in all of Canada and the #1 radio station of any genre in Hamilton. Wow that feels good to say! This has certainly been a dream job in the making and has taken quite a few years of work to get here. I have bounced around the wonderful world of career-land trying to sort out exactly where I wanted to end up. I worked in television for many years (first in reality tv, then news, then lifestyle) all while keeping my part-time job in radio.

Almost five years ago, a smooth jazz radio station here in Hamilton changed formats and became KX94.7fm, a country radio station with unlimited potential.  There had been other country radio stations here in the past, and they did well for a while but timing just wasn’t right. The music and the audience just weren’t connecting and eventually the stations failed. Having grown up in a small town I was raised on country music, it was in my bones and I knew it better than I knew my own name. The moment I heard there was country music back on the air in Hamilton I knew I had to work there.

Two months after they had gone country, KX94.7 was hosting a Halloween party at a local bar and I decided this was my best chance to network with someone who worked there. I introduced myself to the charming, talented female half of the KX Morning Ride. Melissa Forsyth was gracious, encouraging and kind. She immediately recognized my drive and passed my contact information along to the program director. They didn’t have an official position available but they needed some “help” (this usually means free labour but can lead to AMAZING things!) handing out promotional items at the train station to commuters. I showed up, worked my butt off and was the most darling version of myself I could possibly be.

For the past four years I have worked at KX94.7fm on a part time basis, asking questions, training and learning new skills every chance I could. I have worked promotional booths, emceed large festivals, produced syndicated programming, filled in for traffic reporting, served as the on location reporter for local elections, reported on live events from the community events cruiser and it has finally paid off!

So, now that I am here, now that I finally have an on air time slot…what do I talk about on-air for 7 hours every Sunday night? I certainly have a lot to say, but what if it is only interesting to me and my friends? What if the listeners don’t like my voice, or think I am annoying?! Guess what? You can’t help what anyone thinks and you just need to enjoy yourself. Chances are, if you are having a good time, so are the listeners. Join me! Tune in and lets have some fun! Sunday nights 5pm-12am!

If there is a moral to this story it’s this: hold on tight to your dreams, never let go, and never let someone take your dream away from you. You are a goddamn rockstar and you deserve every opportunity you choose to chase. Be brave, be bold, be you and everything else will fall into place.

Kat Cullen– Kat Cullen
Broadcasting – Television & Communications Media, ’10
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