Be The Recipe For Change

kitchen - dinnerChange. It frightens us but also inspires. The action around building sustainable communities that can grow as a place for everyone to prosper is moving from idealistic to something very real. Hamilton is brimming with optimism, growth and a fresh attitude of not only what’s possible, but also what has already happened.

The title of this blog entry seems to embody everything I’ve strived to share since joining the ranks of the ABC Blog contributors. It takes each of us, contributing in our own unique way, to make positive change in the community. It cannot happen in isolation, but it can one by one with each business, individual and personal commitment to improve lives. Especially at home, we owe it to one another to create change.

The business community, small business and entrepreneurship in Hamilton’s thriving culinary scene and the fine work happening at the YWCA are turning out dishes that please the palate through Be The Recipe For Change. The program was designed as a community engagement tool with the objective of feeding the residents of the YWCA Hamilton Transitional Living Program. Supporters have two ways to participate:

  1. Gather 6 friends and join Chef Chris for a culinary experience – learn new recipes, learn new techniques and cook a healthy meal to serve the residents – for a contribution of just $300.
  2. Adopt a Meal – you don’t have time to participate, but want to support; YWCA staff shops for ingredients and prepares the meal. Your $300 feeds 65 women a wonderful meal.

Restaurants also have the opportunity to join the effort in one of two ways; restaurants contribute $300 and bring staff to prepare the meal in the YWCA kitchen with 6 friends or restaurant staff can prepare the meal at their location and deliver it for service.

The program is championed at the restaurant level by The Other Bird Group – owners of six restaurants in Hamilton and Burlington. Rapscallion, Two Black Sheep & The Mule are names that would be familiar to many in the community. The Group has committed to providing meals – both funds and an active role in the kitchen – towards securing ongoing meal provisions for women in short stay at the YWCA.

Sometimes our daily lives get so cluttered with activity that we fail to see the most basic needs of some our own residents are neglected. This is where the innovative partner opportunity highlights the resource of the restaurant community. For $300, 65 people can receive a home cooked dinner service. This is $30 per day to ensure ongoing healthy meals. Are you a foodie who loves to be in the kitchen? A friend of a restaurant owner or chef? Be The Recipe For Change in Hamilton.

BrentKinnard– Brent Kinnaird
Business Administration ’94

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