On A Mission To Have Fun

rollercoasterI am a Mohawk College Business Graduate turned performer, instructor and speaker in the ancient art of… juggling.

Yes. Literally. Balls, clubs, fire, you name it. And last week I was lucky enough to be part of a revolution! Organized by Women in Biz (http://www.womeninbiznetwork.com) I was there to discuss adding “Fun” into our everyday lives.

I call it a revolution because these leaders are, from the top-down coming together to look at their achievements through the lens of community, compassion and well-being. It is exactly what I want to be a part of! It’s a revolution that can shift the paradigm of our work environment so that one day ‘movement and mindfulness breaks’ are as normal as bathroom breaks. And where more companies write “ To Have Fun!” in their mission statement.

After graduating from Mohawk College, I went straight into a career at Canada Revenue Agency. “Fun” is probably not going to be in their mission statement in my lifetime. I juggled after work as my personal way of having “Fun”.

Eventually, I decided to leave the office and take a journey to find the people who already know that “Fun” is a pillar for success and happiness. Now, at 32 I am extremely happy that my job revolves around finding different ways to remind others that we ALL deserve to put fun back at the top of our priority list!

We are all fun-loving, playful creatures in our natural state, I’m just here to remind you how to find that part of yourself.

“Fun” by definition is usually two things:
1) satisfying
2) lighthearted.

We need to be in a lighthearted state in order to perceive something as “Fun”. It doesn’t matter if fun for you is visiting friends, reading a book or riding a rollercoaster, if you are doing ANY of these things in a serious mindset…. You are not going to have fun!

So, if being lighthearted is the ideal mindset for having fun, I want to have fun not just occasionally, when I find the time for it – but in my everyday life, too: while driving my car, while at work, while spending time with my family.

Here’s how: when the opportunity arises, you actively say to yourself: “What does the lighthearted perspective look like?”

EXHIBIT A Peanut Butter Baby

peanut butter baby

It is easy to see a few different possible emotional responses to this scene, and if you ask yourself the question: “What does the lighthearted perspective of this situation look like?”, it is much easier to see it in a lighthearted way.

If you see life’s events through a lighthearted lens, you start to discover the world can be quite a fun (and funny) place, and soon you will remember how to find joy in life’s simple pleasures again.

EXHIBIT B – Chewbacca Mask Lady

Chewbacca Mask

The entire world can change before your eyes if you actively ask yourself “What does the lighthearted perspective look like?”

Try it for Yourself!!

LaceyWilliams-web– Lacey Williams
Enterprise Business ’05

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