Making a Great First Impression: 4 Tips on Starting a New Job

woman working on laptopStarting a new job can be a nerve-racking experience, especially if it’s your first job out of school or you have to move away from home. I recently started a new job myself and experienced all the normal emotions, from excitement to fear, when faced with being thrown into a new environment full of new things to learn and new challenges to take on.

Here are some tips I personally learned on how to be successful at a new job within the first week of starting:

  • Have a positive and friendly attitude. There are enough negative people in the world without having to add one more. Cheer up your coworkers with your bright smile, impress your boss with a can-do attitude, and be a positive role model in your team. Nothing works better — in all situations — than having and expressing a positive attitude.
  • Participate. Get involved in various areas of work, whether it’s helping a coworker out on a project or taking part in after-work activities. Show your company, boss, and coworkers that you belong and are excited to be working there.
  • Get organized. Start strong by impressing your coworkers and boss with your go-getter attitude by hitting the ground running on the first day. Take notes in meetings you attend, check out orientation sessions for new employees, ask to take on new assignments when you feel comfortable, volunteer to help out with an after-work activity, sit down with your boss to discuss work expectations and responsibilities, and set goals to track your accomplishments.
  • Introduce yourself. It’s important to get to know all your coworkers names, and also for them to get to know who you are as well. Get started on the right foot and go out of your way to talk to people, with special interest in getting to know who they are and what their role in the company is. This will come in handy in all types of situations – from having someone to sit with at lunch to knowing who you need to work with on a project, to understanding who to go to for help.

Being the newest member of an organization is both challenging and exciting. The good news is that most employers don’t put too much pressure on someone during their first week at a new job, so you have very little to be nervous about. You’re guaranteed to make a few mistakes – and that’s ok. Just remember to relax, keep your mind open, get to know your coworkers, and do your work — and you should go far in making a lasting impression and reputation with the company.

Rebecca Bartley– Rebecca Bartley
Public Relations ‘14
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