It’s a Girl!

baby feetIt’s a Girl! – “Just wait until she is a teen.”

My beautiful baby girl wasn’t more than three days old when a visitor said this to me. I was also warned about girls being sensitive, high maintenance, and independent to a fault. Although these comments were meant as a joke, they have sat with me for the last 15 weeks of her life.

Not because I am worried about those “teenage years” or her “sensitive ways” but rather, worried about how to raise her to be a strong, independent, kind-hearted and empathetic human. It seems we focus all to often on the negatives of parenting and feel the need to “warn” parents of the impending challenges they will face.

Fast forward 14 weeks from the day I heard that comment and I was scanning through my Instagram and came across an amazing mom with two beautiful, bright and kind girls suggesting that as a society we should ‘build up our girls rather then spreading disappointment in the anticipation of them becoming teens.’ Hear! hear! my friend, we as a society need to spend time building up our children, focusing on their talents, applauding their accomplishments and whispering in their ear we are proud of them when they display moments of outstanding character.

We can learn a lot from our Lil’s like, how to shake it off, how to love unconditionally, how to have empathy, how to be endlessly curious, how to be passionate and find pure joy in the smallest moments. Somewhere in life many of us lose touch with some of those qualities or they become negative traits and I think we should change that for our children!

Being a parent is HARD, between being tired, feeling like you aren’t giving enough or just being overwhelmed, we can often get caught up in the negatives but in those moments if we take a deep breath and look around we are all very lucky to have a little person(s) to be tired over. Let’s celebrate our healthy, happy, innocent children and cherish those moments, big and small.

Although I am very new to this parenting gig I am going make a commitment to my lil’ girl to change the tone of raising a child. Rather than “just wait till…” I am going to live in the moment and take it as they come. Instead of “ children are exhausting,” I am going pour an extra cup of coffee and stay connected. Most importantly, when talking about being a parent I will highlight the pure blessing and miracle it is that she chose us as her parents.

So let’s steal some advice from Keith Urban and:

Raise ’em up trophy high

Raise ’em up to the sky

Raise ’em up, show everybody that newborn smile

Raise ’em up tall and strong

Raise ’em up right from wrong

and make our children a better version of ourselves everyday!

Kristy Hurley– Kristy Hurley
Public Relations, ’09
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