Reaching Goals: Where Do I Start?

trainBeing a young adult, in a world filled with endless opportunities and enticing paths, can actually be quite difficult – definitely more confusing than most people think. The “big question” that emerges from this reality is: “Where do I start?” – A question that, even those who may know their end goal, will one day ask.

Nearing the end of my high school experience, I had to ask myself that very question. For what seemed to be all my life, I knew exactly which career I wanted to pursue in my adult life. I wanted to be a construction worker…or at least thrive in the construction field. I was determined to make that dream a reality, except for the fact that I didn’t know exactly how to accomplish that goal. I knew for certain that the proper education played a key role in my pursuit. I decided to apply to colleges that would best benefit my career path. After careful consideration and research, I decided to attend Mohawk College.

The decision to attend Mohawk College definitely caused some mixed emotions. For one, I was living with my family in Brampton, Ontario at the time, so moving to a new city, on my own, would be a drastic change. Moreover, for the first time ever, the reality of pursuing a career in a male dominated field began to make me question: “Is this really the move I should be making?” After some time, I decided to trust in the information I had received about Mohawk’s services and reputation, hoping that as I ventured into this new chapter of life, my fears would subside.

And they did.

After my move to Hamilton, and from the moment I began my first day of my first semester, Mohawk College has proven to be true to its reputation. Mohawk College is known to be accepting and understanding of individuals coming from all walks of life. This is shown through the many services that are available to meet the needs of every student, whether they are a mature student, international student, local student, or young student; the services provided are always student focused and helpful.

Mohawk College is also known to have a great Building Construction Science department, which is the main reason I chose to attend, and again, that department did not fall short of its reputation. The professors were effective, experienced in the world of engineering, and supportive. Most of all, each required course was directly useful to the tasks I’m exposed to in the workplace.

Mohawk College immensely impacted my personal and professional development. The community of people (teachers, students, and staff) helped with my transition into a new city, and into my program/career field. I had the amazing opportunity to partake in student leadership roles, which helped to build my confidence, workplace and citizenship skills, and to network with many people in various departments.

At the age of 22, I can proudly say that I successfully graduated from an engineering program, with an advanced diploma and the opportunity to attain a degree, and I currently hold an esteemed position at an engineering company, all of which could not have happened if I didn’t make Mohawk College my starting point.

Shantel Maloney– Shantel Maloney
Civil Engineering Technology ‘16
Follow Shantel @shantel_jenneil

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