Staying Stress-Free During the Holiday Season

ribbons-and-bowsDo you start to feel a bit stressed during this time of the year? I have a December birthday so I don’t usually like to talk about the holiday season until after my birthday celebrations are over with. Unfortunately, with that, I begin to feel extremely busy with a bunch of last minute Christmas errands. This usually results in some stress, which isn’t great in general, but especially not around this time of the year.

Here are three things that may be at the top of your Christmas stress list and some tips to help you de-stress so that you can enjoy this time of the year for what it truly is.


 Nothing is worse than feeling like you have five million people to buy gifts for, and not a bank account that can support that. Finding ways to spend less money can seem tough but there are a few simple ways to do so.


  • If you have any Christmas gifts to buy, do it now so that you’re not grabbing it on the day before your celebrations, rushing and over-spending. I know a guy who makes a list and checks it twice; I think he has the right idea. So, be sure to write out your list of whom you need to buy for so you’re organized and can budget accordingly. Shop local when you can so you can support your community at the same time.
  • There are no rules that gifts have to be bought. In fact, handmade gifts always seem to have more thought put in them and can be a fun activity to even help you de-stress during this time of year. Luckily, there are many great DIYs online for things like this.
  • Another option to spend a bit less is to talk to your friends and/or family about having a get together after Boxing Day. Then you can take advantage of any Boxing Day deals for Christmas gifts and save more money.


Spending the holidays with your closest family and friends is one of the greatest feelings. Everyone wants to see everyone during the holidays, which can make it more difficult to arrange get togethers.


  • Brainstorm with loved ones of an ideal spot to spend the holidays that everyone can make it to.
  • Decide ahead of time where you want to go for the holidays, yet, remain flexible if the weather is bad. It’s important to have a back-up plan during potentially crazy weather conditions.
  • If doable, try to see if anyone is willing to meet halfway so that a few people are not stuck with a long travel journey.


I believe it’s important to also separate your professional life with your social life. Focus on staying in the moment during the holidays. Don’t worry about work, when you have time away from it.


  • Keep your work stuff at work so you’re not tempted to easily access it and do it.
  • Plan things for your days off in advance. That way you will be keeping busy and won’t really have time to even think about work tasks.

Most Important Tip Ever:

Don’t forget that it’s supposed to be a holiday. So you’re supposed to enjoy it. Take time for yourself and relax. You don’t want to miss out on all of the fun.

Happy holidays everyone!

Lu Ann Pannunzio– Lu Ann Pannunzio
Advertising ‘12
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